Adele is “turning tables” and heads with her new CD

  Adele has recently struck gold with yet another amazing album. The UK singer has released her third album, appropriately named “21.” Adele is basically a more soulful, English version of Taylor Swift. Every song on her album is easily related to by teenagers or adults. Like her other albums, “21” had a slew of somber songs about love and heartbreak. My personal favorite being “Turning Tables.” With lyrics like … Continue reading Adele is “turning tables” and heads with her new CD

Adele turns ’21’

Grammy Award winning British singer/songwriter Adele will release her sophomore album “21” in the U.S on January 24, 2011. The first single ‘Rolling in the Deep, is a “dark, bluesy, gospel disco theme”. The music video lives up to her explanation and the words to the song. Adele stated that “21” is different from “19“, but explores the same things in a different light.

Being that her debut album was titled “19”, and now the second titled “21”, I assume she will call her third “23” (in reference to her two year gap between the first releases).

Check out her live performance of “Rolling In The Deep” on the Ellen Show below:

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