Esther Woo Vintage

I know I speak for many when I say vintage is still very much adored. Most recently, I’ve somewhat awoken the ‘old school’ fashion sense within and have been browsing around the web for online (as well as off) clothing stores dedicated to selling really appealing vintage items, and it just so happens that I stumbled upon Esther Woo Vintage. Continue reading “Esther Woo Vintage”

[Review] “Moving In Secret”

It’s no ‘SECRET’ that kpop is creating waves around the globe, so it’s more of a matter of keeping the sound fresh and interesting to its listeners. SECRET, yes that is really the name of the group, has unleashed their first full length album, “Moving In Secret,” and I’m sorta feeling the 60’s rock n’ roll influence heard not only in the lead track but embedded in other songs on the record. I’m not used to hearing much about the group or even bothered to pay much attention to them and that’s probably because they’re somewhat underappreciated in the kpop scene. SECRET, in my opinion, is overshadowed by other top groups that never seem to get old to their fans. Their shining moment is often during the resting period of these groups but I’ve noticed that this time around, SECRET has decided to strike up some competition. Though the album is titled “Moving in Secret,” these bold ladies are doing the complete opposite when it comes to their music. The kpop charts are a strong proof of that.

What I like about this group, besides the fact that they have well toned bodies (especially thick legs), they seem to work exceptionally hard at being nothing less than themselves. So, let’s find out if they’ve delivered all the effort needed in making a ‘good’ album. Continue reading “[Review] “Moving In Secret””