Jane’s the Newest Fashionista In Town & On Air


Jane by Design is ABC Family’s newest drama/comedy about a teen who’s mistaken for an adult and is hired by a hot Fashion company of her dreams. She’ll then go through the series balancing both the stresses of high school as well as the daily duties of a working adult. You’re probably wondering why doesn’t she just confess and live a normal life, but see the thing is, if she quits, she’ll risk losing the house that she and her brother are working so hard to keep, being that their father died and their mother is described as ‘bailed’ out on them.  Continue reading “Jane’s the Newest Fashionista In Town & On Air”

Erica Hubbard: The Versatile Actress

By Kai

Erica Hubbard landed a place in the hearts of many playing Cassie on the popular ABC Family drama “Lincoln Heights.” However, beyond the alluring beauty of this undeniably smart woman lies not only a promising actress and model, but a philanthropist and budding author. Over the years we have seen Erica transitioned in the industry; taking on a variety of roles that far exceeds the performance of the previous. I would say she has indeed evolved further since her debut as a voice actress. These days, we can catch up with Erica on BET’s new television series “Let’s Stay Together.”And while Hubbard is currently known as one to watch out for, receiving praises as the young Kimberly Elise, she makes it a top priority to not only carve a place for her self in the industry, but to remain versatile and memorable while doing so. It’s rather rare if not shocking to hear someone say they’re unfamiliar with Erica’s work, but that only means finding another to make a fan out of. So, how do you begin describing this impeccable actress? By going back to where it all began for her. Continue reading “Erica Hubbard: The Versatile Actress”