Dracula Untold: Don’t Believe the Hype.

While I’m a sucker for thrilling vampire movies, especially a backstory that depicts the tale of mr. Dracula himself, I was left with a humph feeling after seeing Dracula Untold over the weekend. I thought the beginning was a tad rushed,  as Prince Vlad hurried off to seek out dark elements like right at the second he was faced with a war. Maybe the director … Continue reading Dracula Untold: Don’t Believe the Hype.

Forget Super Bowl, Need for Speed Finally Comes to Life!

I’ve been a fan of the Need for Speed video game franchise for years, so you imagine my excitement when I heard the commentator at the 2014 Super Bowl spoke about the upcoming movie version. I immediately went online to check it out, cause I just couldn’t wait for the commercial to come on. And I also thought, how come I didn’t know there was … Continue reading Forget Super Bowl, Need for Speed Finally Comes to Life!

Movie Review: ‘Riddick’

I’m a big fan of Vin Diesel,  but even I can admit that his latest movie wasn’t very impressive.  Sure, the action sequences were good enough to keep me interested but once it got into talking I fell into a blah moment and hoped they would speed it along. Of course,  it’s an action film so I wasn’t really expecting mind blowing performances, but I … Continue reading Movie Review: ‘Riddick’

NU’EST Starts The ‘Action’

NU’EST is THE only male Kpop group I’m feeling right now and since the year started. No, it’s not because they’re After School‘s labelmates, well, partly, but it’s mostly due to the fact that these guys demonstrate more confidence, swag, talent, and fierceness than any of the male groups out now. I just caught their music video for the new single “Action” and I’m beyond … Continue reading NU’EST Starts The ‘Action’

Taken 2, is that a good idea?

Liam Neeson will reprise his role as a former CIA agent with deadly skills stopping at nothing to keep his family safe. In the first release, he set out to retrieve his daughter from kidnappers who obviously had no idea who they were messing with, in the sequel, a group of idiots will set out to take revenge for the men Liam killed in the previous. 

The plot is predictable but the action is just as hardcore as seen in part one. Was it a good idea to release a second, as long as its as good as the trailer, which I’m guessing it is, then this sequel is right up my alley. 

Check it out and tell us what you think: Continue reading “Taken 2, is that a good idea?”

The “Safe House” Isn’t Quite Safe

Its more of a thrill ride. Directed by Daniel Espinosa and stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, ‘Safe House‘ delivers an emotional rush and plenty of action to keep our adrenaline going. From start to finish you’re pulled into a series of conspiracy, crazy bullets flying around, people taking each other down in traditional one on one combat style, there’s explosions, car chases, and eye candy. I really enjoyed ‘Safe House’ and I like how Denzel Washington has the ability to take on any kind of role, whether its the good guy or the bad guy, and in this film he’s sorta the bad guy but at the same time you start of question his motives and whether or not he’s really ‘bad’. Ryan did a good job in my opinion. A lot of people are saying he’s wasn’t so convincing and looks rather flustered compared to acting great Denzel, but I think he was worth watching and he’s plenty to look at.  Continue reading “The “Safe House” Isn’t Quite Safe”

The ‘Mission’ is ‘Impossible,’ And We Love the Thrill

By Kai

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the best action packed released since the final Transformers movie this summer. Tom Cruise has basically revived a slow year of ‘boring’ releases per say. The latest in his agent series multiplies the stunts and the acting. It has a great story-line and cool new additions, including one very stunning beauty I might add. Paula Patton depicts pure charisma and exoticness while getting tough with the men. This little lady sure can keep up.  Continue reading “The ‘Mission’ is ‘Impossible,’ And We Love the Thrill”

The “Real” deal

Real Steel” impressed me with its cinematic trailer and definitely peeked my interest to see the movie when it came out over the weekend. In conclusion, I enjoyed it. I like the fact that the film is set in the near future but never really drowned us with that. There wasn’t any futuristic technology or corny advanced vehicles displayed in an attempt to blow us away, instead we’re given the excitement of robot boxing, Hugh Jackman looking his usual hot self, and Evangeline Lilly as a grease loving, emotional driven, hard ass female lead. The best thing about “Real Steel” is how intense, entertaining, and informative the move is. Would I see it again? Most Definitely! And I recommend that you go see it if you haven’t. Continue reading “The “Real” deal”

Zoe Saldana kicks butt!

Have you seen the trailer to the gorgeous Zoe Saldana‘s newest film “Colombiana?” Well, if you haven’t then you are obviously not in the know. Ms. Saldana turns into a deadly assassin after witnessing vicious men murder her parents as a child in Bogota, Colombia. What I like about this movie is that the audience gets to see Zoe transition from romantic comedies and drama into a more serious, action packed, roller-coaster ride like roll. It’s an unfamiliar territory to her fans and I’m definitely anticipating this film. Let’s just say “Colombiana” is created by the producers of “Taken“. And if you’ve seen that movie then you know what to expect, non-stop action. The film hits theatres on August 26. Check out the trailer below: Continue reading “Zoe Saldana kicks butt!”

Cowboys & Aliens is out!


With such a cheesy name I wasn’t expecting the movie to be any better because to be honest I’m not a Daniel Craig fan. However “Cowboys & Aliens” turned out to be quite interesting. There was plenty of action, the acting was alright, and Harrison Ford teamed up well with the new Bond. Not to mention Olivia Wilde is as stunning as ever. It’s a great twist to the usual western flicks mostly about gun fighting; adding a few aliens here and there sure did it for me.  Continue reading “Cowboys & Aliens is out!”

Do you know the “Source Code?”


Jake Gyllenhaal‘s latest sci-fi thriller had me at the edge of my seat. The movie was an adrenaline the moment it began til the credits rolled. Ok I’m getting carried away, but that’s how sick “Source Code” is. Here’s my brief review. Jake plays a soldier who awakens on a moving train and finds a weird girl, played by Michelle Monaghan, talking to him casually like they’ve known each other for years, and calling him by a name he is unaware of. Jake gets frantic and starts to ponder on what exactly is going on, later checking out his reflection in the mirror to find someone else looking back. Shortly after, the train blows up and Jake wakes up inside this weird room filled with some enhanced technological equipment that hasn’t hit the market yet. Continue reading “Do you know the “Source Code?””

Have you been “Sucker Punched”?

The “Sucker Punch” movie is out and all I can say is, whatever! Honestly I like the fact that Jamie Chung (Real World 13, Dragonball Evolution) is among the main cast, but I’m just not feeling the movie at all. It’s also great that ‘300‘ director Zack Snyder made it all happen, but what’s there to love about the film really. Surely you have a cinematic style which incorporates martial arts and unrealistic (3d) action sequences, but it’s just ok. Would I watch it again? not in this lifetime. The cast also includes occasional porn star Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning and Jena Malone. Anyways that’s just my take on it, if you bothered to go see “Sucker Punch” this weekend, tell us what you think. And if you are completely oblivious as to what I’m even talking about (hard to believe after the numerous tv ads), then please Google after watching the clip below: Continue reading “Have you been “Sucker Punched”?”