Kpop is awesome but seems overcrowded…

No one can deny the wide spread impact of Kpop around the world, but with so many artists debuting by the second, is there room for more and how can they set themselves apart? There are many new (rookie) girl groups trying to take a bite out of the success cake, but in my opinion some of these groups lack originality and straight up talent. Well in the ever-growing industry, some argue that it takes more than just talent to make it. In fact, I’ve found that “idols” don’t have to be amazing singers and dancers. If you’re in a group, being charismatic and pretty can take you just as far in the industry as well. Talented or not.Β  Continue reading “Kpop is awesome but seems overcrowded…”

KAHI impresses yet again

Wrapping up her weekend of debut stages, Kahi delivered yet another fierce and absolutely perfect performance on a popular music show called Inkigayo. Doing a double set, Kahi performed the mid-tempo r&b track “One Love“, followed by the hot new hit song “Come Back You Bad Person“. Both were quite impressive in their own way. I love how she’s looking vulnerable in her performance for “One Love“, and then transitioned into fierceness for “Come Back“. She’s an amazing dancer and singer. Check out the performances below, and I stress again if you have not purchased her EP please do so now! Continue reading “KAHI impresses yet again”

Kahi’s debut live performances: hot or not?


Korea’s dance queen KAHI released her solo debut mini album a few days ago, along with the music video for the lead track “Come Back You Bad Person“, and as a result kpop music lovers are in a frenzy over her hot tracks and fierce dancing. She made her debut live performances on top music programs and I was so proud while watching them. I really feel happy for this woman. She’s worked so hard, and “Come Back You Bad Person” is now stuck on repeat. I guess I just had to turn up the volume and inhale the song a bit more to realize it’s truly hot. Anyways, watch the live performances below and make your vote above: Continue reading “Kahi’s debut live performances: hot or not?”

Spotlight – Kahi

Meet Kahi Park, a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and leader of Kpop group After School. Kahi is most notable for her fierce dancing and charismatic personality on music shows or performing among the other members of After School.

Kahi was born Ji-Young Park. She developed a passion for dancing as a teenager, and was influenced by hip hop and r&b music. She didn’t receive professional training due to strong objections by her family, but kept on dancing and improving her skills on her own. Kahi moved to Seoul, South Korea’s capital, despite her family’s disagreement to pursue an entertainment career. She landed a job as a back-up dancer while she was 18. Continue reading “Spotlight – Kahi”

Music Is Universal

It’s amazing how music can break down walls and cross borders with the message it conveys, arousing different emotions inside each of us. Its this mere fact that allows musicians to develop a fan base and perform in different countries.

I’ve often asked myself, why is music so powerful? why am I able to be moved even by words I don’t understand? It all comes down to the fact that music is truly universal. Continue reading “Music Is Universal”