Album Review: “Lenya Wilks”

Lenya WilksReleased: March 26th 2013

Label: Z x 5 Productions

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

This review is way overdue. But I just had to go through with it and say I’m speechless. Absolutely and utterly speechless. No worries, this is not a rant. I’m actually just very impressed by Lenya Wilks‘ debut album. The self-titled record is sultry, bubbly, jazzy, reggae-rific, and pretty much perpetual, with music you’ll never stop listening to for years to come. I can’t get over how much I love this album. So, yes. Once again I will say it, I love this album. But let’s move on to a more calm and collected interpretation of why Lenya Wilks has one of  the best reggae albums of the year.

Aside from her flawless and soul shaking voice, the words literally take you there, and the music defines a wonderful production. Summer Love starts things off in a beautiful and wanting mood. The track signifies being in love with an unknowing other, and how effortless it is to describe how exactly you feel about that person. This is the perfect love song that isn’t slow but groovy enough to make you want to get on your feet. A truly wonderful opener.

Following the sexy starter is the more mellow and bluesy Better in My Dreams. There’s something about this track that pulls me into the 80s. All  I think of is sitting in a lounge filled with sensuality in the air and surrounded by nothing but emotional melodies. I had no idea that after one listen Better in My Dreams would turn out to be my favorite on the album, but it sure doesn’t stop there. The next track is just as memorable and uniquely interesting.  Continue reading “Album Review: “Lenya Wilks””

Book Review – ‘Tempest’ by Julie Cross

Well, here’s something that I haven’t done a lot of and promise to start doing more frequently, and that is book reviews. I’ve read a wide range of books over the years and it’s kinda sad that I’m only now deciding to do reviews on EY but hey, better late than never. So, the first book I wanted to start off with is ‘Tempest‘ by Julie Cross. And what interests me about this novel is how intriguing the cover is and also its similarity with the movie/book ‘Jumper’ by Steven Gould, but at the same time there are some obvious differences and a stronger plot in ‘Tempest’ that’s more appealing to me.

Tempest’ is the first in a trilogy and I guess we’re gonna have to wait a while for book two to see what happens next and what kind of progress is made in the character’s life. First, I’ll just start off with what exactly the book is about and then get into my conclusion of it: Continue reading “Book Review – ‘Tempest’ by Julie Cross”