[Exclusive] Interview with Anais Aida

Who is Anais Aida? A talented r&b/soul singer with a multicultural background. Aida received notable recognition for her cover of the Janelle Monae track “Say You’ll Go,” a song She’s working hard on her debut album and establishing herself as a solo artist, hoping listeners will sense “originality, diversity, humanity, and progress” within her music. Anais certainly has a lot to offer and it’s only a matter of time before millions around the globe start singing every word in her songs.Β Watch the music video for her sultry and intense debut single “Love Can Burn” below, and read the interview to learn more: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with Anais Aida”

Anais Aida’s “10 Quickies”

Anais Aida delivers R&B soul like no other. Her sound is incomparable and takes you far beyond expectation. Just one listen and she’ll have you hooked. With every track she sings you’re given the evidence that this young talent is not here to simply sojourn in music, but she’s determined to go even further and become the global star she’s destined to be.Β So without me going on and on, let’s have a look at her cool responses and don’t forget to check out her interview as well. Continue reading “Anais Aida’s “10 Quickies””