[Review] Ayumi Hamasaki “FIVE”

Ayumi Hamasaki never did make a fan out of me, and the main reason for that is because she never got me interested enough to listen to her records. Sure, now and then I’ll come across a music video or single that’s intriguing but that’s where it ended. I admired her beauty and style, but disregarded her talent and why she was so successful to begin with.  In fact, Ayumi is one of the most successful and popular female Jpop artist of our time; trust me I did my research. Her sound is described as ever changing, and that’s no surprise when she has complete control over her creative decisions, allowing her to experiment and mature as an artist. She never had a failed release, and like all its predecessors, “Five” has topped music charts in her homeland. Continue reading “[Review] Ayumi Hamasaki “FIVE””