[Exclusive] BrymO: Taking Real Music To The World

Brymo is the stage name of an artist we should all be familiar with by now. His hit single Ara created a lot of waves around the world, taking his solo career to another level.

Born Ashimi Olawale, Brymo answered the call to pursue an entertainment career since a young age. Despite a slow start as many aspiring musicians go through, the artist managed to rise above all odds and is considerably the next hot thing since slice bread.

Check out the hit song that started the movement, and continue reading to learn more:

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Brymo in ’10’

Brymo has come a long way to prove to music lovers worldwide he is more than the hook master. This is a talented artist destined for global domination, and I can’t stress enough on how true that is so I leave the persuading to his music.

Brymo was nice enough to take some time from his busy schedule to give us not only an exclusive interview, but to take on our traditional ’10’ quickies as well. Check out his down-to-earth responses below and don’t forget to spend some time getting to know his music as well:

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