[Review] Christina Perri’s “lovestrong.”

Christina Perri has kept us tuned in since releasing the emotional “Jar of Hearts“. Her voice is one of a kind; a singer that draws you into her music and leaves you breathless. Whenever I listen to her songs I don’t know whether to cry from all the passion that immediately resonates my body, or smile from the harmony that entertains me. Christina is a talented performer and I’m happy she’s graced the music industry with her skills. Her debut album “lovestrong.” provides the soundtrack of a woman who has experienced love and heartache. It’s one of those records you can sit back and enjoy while being captivated by the sound of her heartfelt melodies. And now at this moment I ask you to bear with me as I try my very best in providing you with this review as to why “lovestrong.” is truly amazing.

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Christina Perri puts her “Arms” around us


I don’t know if I should feel depressed or happy after watching Christina Perri‘s latest music video for “Arms“. I mean the song is about love, but it still has a sad feel to it and I think it’s because she still has me trapped in her “Jar of Hearts“. From the first single I picked up the concept of sadness in her music so it’s like I’m expecting that trend in whatever else she releases. And her grey themed music videos is not helping. However, I do like the song and “Arms” is in fact about being in love and completed by your beloved. She’s a passionate singer and I suggest you purchase her debut album “lovestrong.” Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Continue reading “Christina Perri puts her “Arms” around us”