Introducing New Artist Bobi Andonov

Australian up-and-coming Alternative Pop artist Bobi Andonov possesses one of those rare powerhouse voices that both punches you in the gut and tears at your heartstrings. His debut single, “Apartment” is equal parts soulful and soul-crushing, with the young singer-songwriter radiating a full spectrum of emotions—pain, sadness, longing—all impeccably delivered through a smooth, almost effortless falsetto.   Recently, Bobi dropped his official video for the debut single. The Ellis … Continue reading Introducing New Artist Bobi Andonov

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Important Steps to Buy Property Successfully in Australia

Australia’s warm climate and immense natural attractions inspires many people living outside the country to desire to buy property here. In addition, the friendly people, the wonderful food and wine, the scenic beaches, and a thriving economy make people look forward to re-settling down under. Here are some tips to help you buy property in Australia. Understand Why Australia is a Good Place to Buy … Continue reading Important Steps to Buy Property Successfully in Australia

Recent Trends Show More Australians Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular among Australians in recent decades. As procedures have become safer, more affordable and able to yield more natural-looking results, more people have chosen to go under the knife. Rather than seeking cosmetic surgery to correct the disfiguring results of an accident, Australians are more frequently seeking to improve their appearance and erase the signs of aging. Recent trends suggest … Continue reading Recent Trends Show More Australians Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

How to Finance Your Next Trip

Everybody grows up with the dream of seeing the world, or at least as much of it as possible. But, unless you were blessed with some serious financial backing, making this dream come true will take a little bit of intelligence and effort on your part. If you have your heart set on exploring the land Down Under, for example, then you should definitely consider … Continue reading How to Finance Your Next Trip

Nine Frugal Tips for Having Fun in Melbourne

Melbourne is a beautiful city, but like all beautiful cities it can be very expensive. If you’re not careful, that is. I had a strict budget, I was careful – and here’s what happened! Getting around Melbourne Melbourne’s buses and trains aren’t expensive, but too expensive for poverty-stricken me. Luckily, the city is home to the only working trams in the whole of Australia – … Continue reading Nine Frugal Tips for Having Fun in Melbourne

4 Fashion Must-Haves For Your Next Bali Holiday

If you are getting sick of winter and can wait for the warm weather, your best bet is to catch a plane to Bali. With its great beaches, amazing hospitality and low cost, Bali is and has always been at the top of the list of winter destinations. Ben Pollitt would say “a good pair of sunglasses, sun, good music and books” is perfect for … Continue reading 4 Fashion Must-Haves For Your Next Bali Holiday

Book Review: Invisible by Cecily Paterson

Release date: February 11th 2013 Publisher:Cecily Paterson Purchase: Free on Amazon Rating: 5/5 Synopsis via Goodreads: Jazmine Crawford doesn’t make decisions. She doesn’t make choices. She doesn’t make friends. Jazmine Crawford only wants one thing: to be invisible. For Jazmine, it’s a lot easier to take out her hearing aid and drift along pretending that nothing’s wrong than it is to admit that she’s heartbroken. She starts to … Continue reading Book Review: Invisible by Cecily Paterson

[Exclusive] Mayu Kanamori, telling stories through art

The first time I saw Mayu Kanamori was while watching a documentary called Tokyo Revealed. She was doing commentary on the city’s lifestyle and a brief description of her expertise appeared on the screen. The word that caught my eyes was ‘art’ so I just had to research more about Mayu. What I discovered was a creative, philosophical, and passionate woman dedicated to telling stories through art, in which her work will help others become more aware of important issues in society.

I was so fascinated that I immediately sought out getting in contact with the artist to have her on EY so that our readers can discover such a remarkable talent if they haven’t already. Now, I ask that you take some time to carefully go through this interview and Mayu’s very thorough answers. You might learn something. Continue reading “[Exclusive] Mayu Kanamori, telling stories through art”

Mayu stays for ’10’



It seems no one can get away from taking our ’10’ quickies. Since we had the opportunity of having the artistic Mayu Kanamori on our website it was only right letting her be the next guest to take on our traditional questions.

Mayu certainly had some interesting things to say so, check out her cool responses below and definitely stick around after to see our exclusive interview with the talented lady.

Visit Mayu’s official website to learn more about her work.

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Fashion Abroad: Sydney


1. Nicole Warne in a red cardigan over a black & white stripe shirt and red high waisted cuffed pants. She added a pair of black pumps and a black studded Alexander Wang handbag to complete the look. 2. She revealed her animal instinct in a cheetah print top, Prada skirt, black sandals, and black Chanel bag. 3. The bubbly lady is wearing a multi-yarn vintage sweater over blue jeans, with grey boots, and a leopard print Mulberry handbag to finish the look.  Continue reading “Fashion Abroad: Sydney”

Music has a ‘Short Stack’

Short Stack is a Pop Punk band from Australia. Starting out as a Blink 182 cover band, and being influenced by the music of legendary 80’s rock bands, these guys have developed their own musical style into a more mature, but still fresh and unique sound.

For their latest album “This is Bat Country” released on November 12, Short Stack got inspiration from Hunter S. Thompson‘s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; basing their lyrics on similar themes.

This talented band hopes to take their music from Australia to the rest of the world. So get ready for a fresh, fun punk rock sound!

Check out their latest music video for “We Dance To A Different Disco, Honey“, and read the exclusive interview with drummer Bradie below:

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Short Stack’s Bradie 10 Quickies

Australian Pop Punk band Short Stack is already creating a wave in their home country. Consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Shaun, Andy on backing vocals and bass, and Bradie on drums and keyboard; these guys are paying tribute to the punk scene which they love, and working hard to take their music to a global level.

Be sure to listen to their music and support this talented band!

Check out Bradie’s 10 quickie answers below and learn a little more about him:

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Barry Southgate creates ‘a bed of harmonies’

Singer, songwriter and performer Barry Southgate is a multi-talented artist based in Australia. “An ordinary man, living a not-so ordinary life”, Barry is working hard to bring a feel-good pop sound fusing together with soul, to music lovers around the globe.

Barry Southgate is more than just an entertainer; he does his best in giving back as well, wherever and whenever he can. With a new single and his first EP released, Barry hopes to get his music into the ears and hands of as many people as possible.

Check out his latest single “Don’t You Think?” below, and read the interview for more details about this amazingly talented artist!

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