[Review] Ayumi Hamasaki “FIVE”

Ayumi Hamasaki never did make a fan out of me, and the main reason for that is because she never got me interested enough to listen to her records. Sure, now and then I’ll come across a music video or single that’s intriguing but that’s where it ended. I admired her beauty and style, but disregarded her talent and why she was so successful to begin with.  In fact, Ayumi is one of the most successful and popular female Jpop artist of our time; trust me I did my research. Her sound is described as ever changing, and that’s no surprise when she has complete control over her creative decisions, allowing her to experiment and mature as an artist. She never had a failed release, and like all its predecessors, “Five” has topped music charts in her homeland. Continue reading “[Review] Ayumi Hamasaki “FIVE””

Ayumi “does it again” with a “love song”

I found these two short music videos online by Jpop queen Ayumi Hamasaki. “Love Song” depicts some sort of loss, while “Do It Again” shows Ayumi being oblivious to a disaster around her. These two singles are included on Ayumi’s 12th album “Love Songs“, which will be released December 22, 2010.

Both music videos are quite interesting, so I advise you to check both out below and watch the entire thing when it’s release later on:

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Artists Have To Sexify Their Music To Make It Sell?

A question that has always been on my mind for years: why do artists sexify themselves in order to sell music? Females show a lot of skin in barely there outfits, and perform provocative dance moves, while the males sing about sex, sex, and more sex.

Is that what a musician have to do in order to become a “superstar” so to speak? Is that why artists like Vivian Green, Heather Headley and Jazmine Sullivan are underrated, because they are more ‘conservative’?

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