[Winner] B2ST “Fiction and Fact” CD + Poster

Okay EMBRACERS, today is the final day of the contest. As promised, we have selected someone to receive B2ST‘s first album and poster. EY appreciates all our readers and we’d like to sincerely thank you for your participation. As the site continues to grow, we’d like to give away lots more gifts so if you did not win there’s always another time. Well, without further delay, the winner is: Continue reading “[Winner] B2ST “Fiction and Fact” CD + Poster”

[Review] B2ST’S “Fiction and Fact”

B2ST is definitely back on the kpop scene and ready to show fans what they’ve been up to.Β The group returns to reclaim their position among the top boy bands in Korea with the release of their first full length album β€œFiction and Fact”. The record is well packaged with impressive harmonies and slow tempo r&b tracks, with a few pop numbers here and there. B2ST is well known for their hard-hitting dance choreography, passionate and untouchable vocals, and not to mention good looks, so I got interested when the internet started buzzing about their comeback. I just had to listen to the new album and to be honest, it was well worth it. Continue reading “[Review] B2ST’S “Fiction and Fact””

Spotlight – BEAST

Meet BEAST (boys of the east standing tall), a South Korean pop group who became popular through their dance videos uploaded online, as well as their hit song “Bad Girl“. The group is consisted of six members, Du Jun (leader), Hyun Seung, Ki Kwang, Jun Hyung, Yo Seob, and Dong Woon.

BEAST released their debut EP “BEAST Is The B2ST” on October 14, 2009; prior to the EP, a teaser video for their intro track was released showcasing each members dance skills and names. After their debut, the group became very popular nationally and around Asia, and they started receiving endorsement opportunities from different companies.

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