Cassie Returns, Barely!

“King of Hearts” has a hypnotic beat while the mediocre singer sounds like she’s in heat on the track. Throughout the entire thing Cassie sounded reserved; there wasn’t a note worthy section at all. And that’s understandable being that she’s not exactly the greatest vocalist in the world. With that said, “King of Hearts” is perfect for the clubs and on a loud stereo, aside … Continue reading Cassie Returns, Barely!

Diddy-Dirty Money “Looking For Love”

Β  Check out the Bad boy and girls’ lastest music video featuring the sexy pop/r&b star Usher.Β “Looking for Love” is also included on the “Last Train to Paris” album in stores now. Seems like the trio will release a music video for every single one of the songs on the album. Oh well, they have the funds to do it so good luck to them. Continue reading Diddy-Dirty Money “Looking For Love”

Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Chris Brown “Yesterday” MV

Check out the latest music video forΒ Diddy’s (he’s alone on this one cos its about a man dealing with heartbreak) new single “Yesterday“, which features Chris Brown. This song is hot. Chris should consider including it as a bonus on his upcoming “F.A.M.E” album. The talented r&b singer owns this song with his passionate singing. I liked the ‘Mad Max’ concept of the music video, which shows Diddy & Chris in a desert, and a few glimpses of their love interest walking around without a care. Anyhoo, watch the video below, and if you haven’t already, make sure to purchase Diddy Dirty Money’s “Last Train to Paris“. The album is hot. Continue reading “Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Chris Brown “Yesterday” MV”

Dawn Richard’s “Me, Myself & Y”

Dirty Money vocalist Dawn Richard has released a new track titled “Me, Myself & Y” from her latest mixtape “A Tell Tale Heart“, and I’m totally feeling it. Dawn is doing right by releasing her own music while Diddy-Dirty Money is still hot, cos if she takes a break along with Diddy’s latest creation then it’ll be tough to get back, and we all know … Continue reading Dawn Richard’s “Me, Myself & Y”