VON GREY Releases New Music Video “Say My Name”

“Say My Name” is the latest single from VON GREY’s Panophobia EP. The music video was directed by Mary Caroline Mann and edited by Sara Gunderson. It’s the third in a series of thought-provoking videos that the indie-alt band made to accompany tracks from the EP. Produced by Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, A Rocket to the Moon), the six-track EP is available for download on iTUNES Check … Continue reading VON GREY Releases New Music Video “Say My Name”

[Exclusive] Interview with ‘The Neighbourhood’

If you haven’t heard the songs Female Robbery or Sweater Weather, then you probably haven’t discovered the addictive music of California-based band The Neighbourhood. Formed two years ago, the band is consisted of Jesse Rutherford on vocals, Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels on guitars, Mike Margott on bass, and Bryan Sammis on drums. All working collectively to create the amazing sounds of “Dark Pop”. The Neighbourhood will be going on tour this summer to bring their incomparable music to willing listeners. But before that, drummer Bryan took some time to grant us an exclusive interview. 

Check out the music video for Female Robbery and continue below to discover awesomeness: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with ‘The Neighbourhood’”

Within-Temptation to perform in NYC!

Great news WT fans, the popular symphonic metal band will perform in New York at Terminal 5 on September 10. This is a one night only so if you’ve been longing to see this talented band in action then visit this link to purchase your tickets, which goes on sale February 18. Be sure to use the secret code UNFORGIVING Credit: Within-Temptation.com Continue reading Within-Temptation to perform in NYC!

Start a SCANDAL with “Pride”!

If you don’t know SCANDAL, popular four member Japanese punk/pop/rock band consisting of all girls, then it’s truly sad (please Google). The band has released the music video for their 9th single ‘Pride‘, and I must say if you love confetti, flashing words, pretty girls rocking out, black and white backgrounds, and glass smashing, then you’ll like this one. ‘Pride‘ is about chasing your dreams, and being determine enough to achieve it. Overall, I like the song, which will be released official on February 9th, but I felt like I was watching a rather cheap video. Anyways, see for yourselves:

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Within Temptation’s New Single & Album

Dutch Symphonic Rock band Within Temptation, has released the first official single from their fifth studio album “The Unforgiving“. The new song titled “Faster“, is nothing like I’ve heard before. The song is catchy, well written, and definitely a fresh sound from an always evolving and creative band. Listen to the song below to hear for yourselves.

The Unforgiving” will be released on March 25, 2011. The album’s Continue reading “Within Temptation’s New Single & Album”

[New Release] The Decemberists

The King Is DeadGet the newest release from The Decemberists available in stores and online today. The indie folk rock band stated that their sixth studio album “The King is Dead“, is more influenced by blues prior to their other releases.

The King is Dead” will include the singles “Down by the Water” and “January Hymn“, along with eight other songs so be sure to support the band and purchase their new album.

Check out the song “Down by the Water” below: Continue reading “[New Release] The Decemberists”

Spotlight – Flyleaf

Meet Flyleaf, an American alternative rock band who gained notable success from their single “All Around Me“. Flyleaf was formed in 2000 by vocalist Lacey Sturm, guitarists Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartmann, bassist Pat Seals, and James Culpepper. The band has kept their original line-up since debut.

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Tapes ‘n Tapes “Outside”


Tapes ‘n Tapes is a rock band from Minneapolis. The band released their new album “Outside” on January 11, which features playful and melodic songs. An example of their unique sound is found in the album’s lead single “Freak Out“. If you’re up for some fresh funk rock music, purchase Tapes ‘n Tapes new album on amazon, and watch the music video for “Freak Out” below:

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Kelli-Leigh’s “Missing You”

Just wanted to share a video with you guys; a live performance by an amazingly talented young lady known as Kelli-Leigh. You might remember this English singer from a previous interview we did with her. If not, check out the interview here, and watch the live performance of her hot track “Missing You” below:

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EPICA: A Place In The Musical Universe

  EPICA is a dutch Symphonic Metal band from the Netherlands.  With the incorporation of an orchestra and choir mixing together with their sound, EPICA creates dynamic, melodic, and powerful music like no other. This band has already been rocking out shows in Europe, and now they’re hoping to conquer the rest of the world. EPICA has been on a North American tour promoting their … Continue reading EPICA: A Place In The Musical Universe

Spotlight – Within Temptation

Meet Within Temptation, one of the most popular Metal/Rock band from the Netherlands. The band was formed in 1996 by vocalist Sharon Den Adel and her partner and guitarist Robert Westerholt, and describes their music to be Symphonic Rock.

Within Temptation became known in the Dutch underground scene after releasing their album ‘ENTER‘ in 1997. They made their way into mainstream in 2001 with the release of their hit single ‘Ice Queen‘, from their second album ‘Mother Earth‘. ‘Ice Queen’ reached #2 on the Dutch charts, and the band won the Buma Export Award four years in a row, due to the fact that they had the most records sold.

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XERO SUM wants total global domination!

XERO SUM is an American band with melodic vocals flowing over heavy rock sounds. Whether it be playing at a live show or “even at your house”, XERO SUM is willing to go anywhere to showcase their fresh and unique sound that is new to the music industry.

Kazha – “a young band with great potential”

Kazha is a rock band hailing from Tokyo and Los Angeles. They’re “a young band with great potential, combining the softness of a falling feather with the heaviness of a hurricane”. With big tours coming up in the new year, along with a new single, Kazha hopes to take their music far beyond expectations.

If you have doubts, then visit their myspace page to hear the music, and check out the interview below for more details:

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My Chemical Romance “SING” MV

My Chemical Romance has released the music video for their second single “Sing“, from their upcoming “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” album. The music video, which was directed by lead vocalist Gerard Way & P.R. Brown, is somewhat darker and in no where similar to the previous “Na Na Na“, except it seems like a continuation.  Continue reading “My Chemical Romance “SING” MV”


This is our second quickie reader submission from Anthony Manley, lead singer of Mournin Sky. They are an alternative rock/acoustic band from the U.K.

Check out their music on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mourninsky

1.) What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?

‘Only the best is good enough’

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