Music Review: Rihanna’s “Unapologetic”

Released: November 19, 2012

Label: Roc Nation/Island Def Jam

Purchase: Amazon

A little step up from her previous oversexed Talk that Talk, but still not even close to impressive. Unapologetic sounds mostly exhausted and rushed. There’s nothing wrong with putting out an album every year to stay current if you can handle it, but at least take the time to perform songs  that will be embedded in the hearts and minds of listeners. Sure there are likable tracks here and there, but not good enough to give goose bumps.  Continue reading “Music Review: Rihanna’s “Unapologetic””


Rihanna‘s latest lawsuit is proof that you absolutely cannot trust anyone in entertainment when it comes to handling your money. My advise, manage your own finances. Take the time and educate yourself on the topic and know what’s going on with your shit. What the hell? This is only the latest entertainer to have trouble with accountants. The latter being blamed constantly for causing tax issues for celebrities. 

In Rihanna’s situation, the entertainer is suing her former accountants for tens of millions of dollars in losses, shoddy bookkeeping, a failure to recommend  trimming expenses when a 2009 tour was losing money and an ongoing audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Let’s not get into the fact that her tours don’t sell out, cause that’s a whole nother post.  Continue reading “WARNING: TRUST NO ONE!”

Rihanna, at the center of controversy again

 I guess as long as Rihanna continues to defy all sense of normalcy she’ll always be leading the pack when it comes to controversial music and videos. In her latest work of art (or weirdness) safely titled “We Found Love,” the pop star portrays a European gal living a wild and risky lifestyle, but that’s not the part that has critics riled up. Besides the evident fact that the male lead in the video has somewhat of a slight resemblance to r&b/pop crooner Chris Brown (must be the horrific bleached blonde hair), there are several scenes depicting heated arguments between the two characters, particularly the one taking place in their car. This led many (excluding me) to believe that Continue reading “Rihanna, at the center of controversy again”

Shontelle “Says hello to goodbye”

This island songbird should seriously be called the “princess of hearbreak songs”, because her latest music video “Say hello to goodbye” is just as sad as “Impossible“. Shontelle‘s new single is a mixture of pop and rock, and has smooth but emotional vocals flowing through the song. Her debut album is pretty good she just needs more promo in my opinion. Watch the video above … Continue reading Shontelle “Says hello to goodbye”