Top 5 Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is finally here after a dreadfully long winter, but we don’t want to get too excited and go overboard with out makeup now do we? Trust me, I’ve seen some colors that have me looking twice. No offense. But some things are best left for circus. Anyhoo, check out these top 5 summer makeup tips: 1. GO SEMI-BARE! Caking up your face with too … Continue reading Top 5 Summer Makeup Tips

Beauty Bits #3: Eyeliner tip

Here’s a cool beauty tip to keep your face still looking natual while wearing dark eye make-up: Black Eyeliner Rim top and bottom lash lines with a black pencil, then soften the line with a smudger tip or cotton swab. Sweep top lashes with one coat of black thickening mascara. Bronze Shadow Apply a rosy-bronze cream shadow on the brow bone. Neutral Lipstick Prep lips … Continue reading Beauty Bits #3: Eyeliner tip