Flashback Thursday: “Because of You” by After School

I never get tired of listening to this song, and I just love Bekah’s rap. Miss her, by the way. Anyhoo, since the girls will be making a comeback on June 13th, I figured why not listen to a bunch of my favorites until then. So, watch and enjoy.   Credit: AfterSchCraze Continue reading Flashback Thursday: “Because of You” by After School

[Review] After School’s “Virgin”


Kpop girl group After SchoolΒ is making a comeback to the industry with their first full length album entitled “Virgin“. AS hasn’t released any new music since “Bang!” in 2010, and only the sub-units and other members have been doing any sort of promotion.Β You might remember Orange Caramel‘s “Bangkok Cityand Kahi‘s “Come Back You Bad Person“. While both solo projects were interesting and kept fans entertained, it’s good to see the group back as a whole and making great music for us. Check out my full album review below:

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Spotlight – Kahi

Meet Kahi Park, a South Korean singer, dancer, songwriter and leader of Kpop group After School. Kahi is most notable for her fierce dancing and charismatic personality on music shows or performing among the other members of After School.

Kahi was born Ji-Young Park. She developed a passion for dancing as a teenager, and was influenced by hip hop and r&b music. She didn’t receive professional training due to strong objections by her family, but kept on dancing and improving her skills on her own. Kahi moved to Seoul, South Korea’s capital, despite her family’s disagreement to pursue an entertainment career. She landed a job as a back-up dancer while she was 18. Continue reading “Spotlight – Kahi”