Top Ten Winter Escapes!

The cold has us all in a gloomy mood, so why not take a trip or, if you’re tied up in responsibilities like myself, dream of taking a trip to one of these exotic and very warm locations to escape the unbearable winter: Continue reading “Top Ten Winter Escapes!”

Dream Getaway: Belize

According toΒ WikipediaΒ and individuals who have experienced the country, Belize has the most unique culture amongst its neighbors in Central America. It is the only Central American nation to have strong ties with both the Caribbean and Latin America. Isn’t that super awesome? I don’t mind learning about a country’s culture, but what sparks more to me are the attractions. Basically, I’m more curious about what this place offers and how it can entertain me. In order to satisfy this desire, I’ve done my research so as to discover the Belize effect and what draws visitors to the country. Allow me to share my findings with you: Continue reading “Dream Getaway: Belize”