Nelly Furtado Get’s ‘Bigger’

Nelly Furtado has unveiled the music video for her latest single ‘Big Hoops (Bigger the Better).’ I love the song and the video is as creative as it gets, but did I miss something or is Nelly with Roc Nation now cause she keeps throwing up their roc sign? Anyways, check out the vid and tell us what you think? Continue reading Nelly Furtado Get’s ‘Bigger’

Nelly Furtado Returns With ‘Big Hoops’

The Canadian singer has been M.I.A for several years now and I’m sure many like myself are beyond elated to have her back. She was definitely missed to a point of almost forgotten, but thankfully ‘Big Hoops‘ is released before Nelly is completely erased from our memories. This is the first single from Furtado’s upcoming Summer album, “The Spirit Indestructible.” Check out the eccentric track and tell us what you think. It’s good that the singer has kept her cray cray style. Continue reading “Nelly Furtado Returns With ‘Big Hoops’”