Kelly Rowland wants you to “Lay it on her”

WTH!! This is so close to being an orgy. Why would a beautiful woman like Kelly Rowland be making music videos like this. She’s obviously trying too hard and its not coming off in a good light. First of all, her gyrating with a bunch of half naked men was not the concept I had in mind, but then again, I guess you have to … Continue reading Kelly Rowland wants you to “Lay it on her”

Big Sean’s “Marvin & Chardonnay”

Big Sean is certainly getting big. I really liked his first single “My Last” featuring Chris Brown (regardless of my bias for the pop star), and I’m loving his second single “Marvin & Chardonnay.” Sadly, I don’t share the same sentiments for the music video; maybe it’s due to the fact that there’s just too much provocativeness going on. Anyways, watch for yourselves and tell us what you … Continue reading Big Sean’s “Marvin & Chardonnay”

[Review] Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am”

Here I Am

Kelly Rowland has returned with her highly anticipated third album “Here I Am”. The singer steamed up the summer with her hot single “Motivation”, showcasing her growth as a woman and as an artist. She’s definitely come a long way from her previous releases which she described as “a struggle to find her sound”. Kelly explored all areas necessary in finalizing her latest album, getting inspiration from both her europop and r&b influences. This is evidently a first for the singer as she had never taken such a risk before, sticking to her urban roots for “Simply Deep” and “Ms. Kelly”. What makes this talented artist stand out to fans is her sultry and sensual persona that has proven to be quite appealing. The new album is an interpretation of Kelly’s journey to discover her true identity; in the end, she’s hoping we can understand just who she is and be able to accept her. Continue reading “[Review] Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am””