Top 10 End of Summer Looks

Aika is a fashionista originally from Japan now living in Seattle. Her goal is to “create a fusion of American and Japanese style that works on both continents.” She also “strives for a fashion that inspires uniqueness.” I’m a fan of AikA’s Love♡ Closet fashion blog because her style is edgy, trendy, and definitely wearable. So of course, I just had to get her to stop by EY … Continue reading Top 10 End of Summer Looks

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5 Essential Plug-ins For Every WordPress Site

In this day and age running your own blog or web site about subjects that you are passionate about is not as difficult as it was some 15 years ago. Especially with innovative platforms like WordPress that gave much needed voice for those of us who aren’t too familiar with web design and coding. Since its introduction in 2003. up until today, WordPress has become … Continue reading 5 Essential Plug-ins For Every WordPress Site

Be the Change: Letter from the Editor

Today’s prompt is an interesting one because I’ve been questioning myself as to how to make EY more interesting and more appealing to readers. I wouldn’t call it a big change, but I’d like to be as consistent in posting as often as I did in the beginning. Other responsibilities got in the way and I wasn’t balancing my time right; hence, EY suffered a bit … Continue reading Be the Change: Letter from the Editor


Not exactly the usual English headline but this is a special one. The Korean words you’re breaking apart simply translate to “I love you, don’t leave…” which is the starting line in the popular song, The End is Coming, performed by the gifted South Korean trio 8eight. I’ve decided to participate in today’s Daily Post ‘This is Your Song, because this has been one of my favorites since its release.

The End is Coming is both bittersweet and beautiful all at once. The song reminds me to hold tight to love when it exists because you never know when you might lose something so precious, whether in life or death. Please take a moment to listen and feel the over-pouring emotions within the music. Continue reading “Saranghae…tteonajima”

Commenting Policy

Dear Readers, It has come to our attention that some of the comments being made are not nurturing positive dialogues and/or healthy debates. As such, all our commentors are encouraged to refer to the comment page for what EY deems to be apt commenting practices. Otherwise, comments will be deleted and not approved with the quickness that is Naomi Campbell’s receeding hairline due to excessive … Continue reading Commenting Policy

Love Blogging? Then Join EY!

Are you an aspiring writer, blogger, lover of the arts, travel, etc? Do you like our site and what it stands for? Then why not join our team; enhance your skills and have fun while doing it. EMBRACE YOU is a multicultural site and we’re always looking to add creative and enthusiastic individuals from around the globe in hopes of helping us to expand our market and becoming further established. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak, all you need is an open mind to see things from the perspective of others apart from yourself. 

EY’s looking for highly motivated individuals to fill the following positions: Continue reading “Love Blogging? Then Join EY!”

Fashion Feature: Jeeda


Jeeda is who you might call a budding fashionista. This ‘style addict,’ as she describes herself, caught my attention for her bright colors, chic and sophisticated getups, and undeniable edgy hairstyle to go along with her divalicious outfits. Check out some of my favorite looks below, and follow this sultry lady’s blog to see why she’s being featured on our site: Continue reading “Fashion Feature: Jeeda”