[Music Review + Giveaway] Hyuna’s “Melting”

Release date: October 22, 2012

Label: Universal Music (SK)

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My opinion in regards to HyunA has always been mixed. The kpop idol can either be proclaimed as one of the fiercest and most versatile artist of our generation, or if you’re more on the modest side of the fence you’ll probably define her as a sex symbol trying too hard to be a tease. I for one have placed all personal feelings at the back of my mind to focus entirely on what she has to offer on her second EP. Because since her debut with 4Minute, Hyuna has always taken the sexy approach and shows no sign of slowing things down. If you disagree please refer to her latest mini album’s title, confidently named ‘Melting‘. Pay no mind to all the suggestiveness because it is simply there for the shock factor.  Continue reading “[Music Review + Giveaway] Hyuna’s “Melting””

So, it wasn’t “Time To Rock Da Show” afterall

What a disappointment. I was so looking forward to getting my party on with “Time To Rock Da Show,” only to discover today that it’s not the lead track afterall. Like for real, are you kidding me? What is wrong with Kpop these days? To think I was about to praise Brave Brothers on what sounded like their best production to date, only to have it turn out to be just a 50 second intro. Well, look at it this way, at least this hot beat made it to the mini album. By the way, how is this an EP when it only has two songs. Anyways, on to  my discussion on the real lead track, “Pop Pop Pop.” I hate it!  Continue reading “So, it wasn’t “Time To Rock Da Show” afterall”

Kpop is awesome but seems overcrowded…

No one can deny the wide spread impact of Kpop around the world, but with so many artists debuting by the second, is there room for more and how can they set themselves apart? There are many new (rookie) girl groups trying to take a bite out of the success cake, but in my opinion some of these groups lack originality and straight up talent. Well in the ever-growing industry, some argue that it takes more than just talent to make it. In fact, I’ve found that “idols” don’t have to be amazing singers and dancers. If you’re in a group, being charismatic and pretty can take you just as far in the industry as well. Talented or not.  Continue reading “Kpop is awesome but seems overcrowded…”

“How Dare You” not like SISTAR

Kpop group SISTAR (meaning they are meant to be sisters and big stars in the industry) has released their third single album, and I’m definitely loving it. Their explosive vocals grabbed my attention in the intro track “Mighty Sistar“, and continues throughout to the hip hop number “Over“.

The lead single “How Dare You“, is a dance song produced by the Brave Brothers, popular Korean producers who worked on the group’s previous releases.  The music video features sexy choreography, but I don’t think it’s over the top as some make it out to be (the MV was banned for its content, specifically a pole/stripper dance concept). In my opinion, there are worse; both song and MV are actually interesting.

Check out the tracks below and watch the music video for “How Dare You“:

Continue reading ““How Dare You” not like SISTAR”