The Braxtons are back and so is the ‘Family’ drama

So, with all the excitement the first season of Braxton Family Values brought forth, I was definitely anticipating the second. And the first episode certainly delivered. The second season shows new development in each of the characters lives, except for Andre, he’s still living with Towanda and hasn’t had a book published yet. This is starting to make me think that maybe he doesn’t have any intentions of turning his life around. I mean, what kind of man feels comfortable about living with his wife’s sisters. He’s done it in the first season with Toni, and now he’s back doing the same thing with Trina. No uhh…Andre needs to get-it-together dot com. Continue reading “The Braxtons are back and so is the ‘Family’ drama”

Family issues!

On this week’s episode of the “Braxton Family Values”, Toni asks her sister Towanda and Andre (Towanda’s husband) to move in with her because Towanda was evicted in the previous episode, and also the sisters are presented with the suggestion to record another family album. Let’s address the first issue in this episode, Andre.

While watching I thought to myself, would I be so keen on moving in with my sister bringing my husband along with me? Hell to tha no. Continue reading “Family issues!”

Would you support a man that doesn’t work?

I don’t know how some ladies feel about working to take care of their home and their unemployed men, but I for one know that there is no way I’m going to take care of a man laying around the house while I’m out busting my behind trying to make a living for both of us. And I know some guys are going to say that if women can stay at home while they’re out working then why can’t the men do the same thing? Well, for me the answer is simple: both should be out working. While many argue that at least one parent should remain a homemaker when children are involved, I think that by prioritizing and finding a reasonable compromise will grant you precious time to spend together as a family even though both are employed. Continue reading “Would you support a man that doesn’t work?”