Guys Hurt Too!

Ladies, let’s keep it real. Sometimes we tend to forget that guys have feelings too, and they hurt just as much as we do in relationships. Most of the time its the women feeling heartbroken, crying to friends and family, thinking the man doesn’t care, sometimes they really don’t, but often times they do. And we need to remember that men usually express themselves emotionally different than we do.  Continue reading “Guys Hurt Too!”

“I dumped my gf via text message, is that ok?”

I don’t care how advance and convenient technology is, it’s never ok to break up with someone through a text message or e-mail. Things like that should be dealt with face-to-face. And only a coward would choose otherwise. Using lame excuses like “it was just too hard to do this in person because I can’t bare to look into your sad eyes. So it’s better if I sent you a text” is very premature. Think of the other person’s feelings. If you’ve invested a lot in a relationship and it’s going down the drain, then it’s best to end it in a verbal communication, as in “meet me at a certain place so we can sit down and talk.”  Continue reading ““I dumped my gf via text message, is that ok?””

Tormenting Your Ex!

I’ve noticed that many people sometimes torment their ex lovers after a bad break-up. Some women spread rumours about their ex-boyfriends because he cheated on her continually, or maybe he dumped her for another hot number. Some men stalk their ex-girlfriends or give their new boyfriends fake warnings about the girl. Either way, tormenting your ex is a malicious thing to do, and there is absolutely nothing to gain in doing so.

How on earth is telling people he has all sorts of diseases, and smashing his ride going to help you. Saying she’s psychotic or that she’ll want to marry after a few weeks of dating will not make you happy. All you’re doing is defaming their reputation and making yourself seem like a disgruntle (moronic) ex love. In the end you’re only making you look bad. It affects you both.

Continue reading “Tormenting Your Ex!”