Bus Chronicles: A little swig, ain’t hurt nobody; Snowflakes

Thursday evening, I boarded the bus with no ‘wahala’ (problems) observed prior. The bus was packed, with all manner of beauty is in the eye of the beholder diversity. We were packed like sardines, so I was forced to sit in the back.Usually, my seat of preference is in the front, where I can sit and stare at cute bus drivers. Continue reading “Bus Chronicles: A little swig, ain’t hurt nobody; Snowflakes”

Bus Chronicles: Staring Disease

Hey wassup folks! Missed ya’ll. Hope everyone is doing mighty well. Matter of fact, why don’t you guys drop your twitter handles at the comment section. We want to interact with our fans on a more personal level, twitter is where it’s at!  Nyhoo, Your resident Ms.Ey was at the bus stop yesterday around 10.00p.m. It was a long day and I was too tired … Continue reading Bus Chronicles: Staring Disease

Bus Chronicles: Drug Dealing Baby

Friday evening, I was in a foul mood, completely drained and just wanted the comfort of my bed. It seemed like an eternity, before the bus came through. To be exact, it took a whole hour. The entire time, a young mother took the liberty of going bat shit crazy on her young one. She kept scolding, screaming and making threats about facing the wall … Continue reading Bus Chronicles: Drug Dealing Baby

Bus Chronicles: Still holding onto love with broken bones

Love is one helluva drug. When you are in love, it seems that nothing else exists-not even your sense of self, just that cocooning love between you and lover boy or girl! Earlier on the week, I was on the bus when I eavesdropped-as is the usual-on a conversation that had me hella confused. 3 passengers boarded the bus,two of them looking like they had … Continue reading Bus Chronicles: Still holding onto love with broken bones

Immigration Untitled.

Immigration has to be the most contentious topic of discussion in America. It ends up being like the bus chronicles. On one hand, filled with crazies who have nothing but vitriol to spew, conversely intellectuals who think they know best.  People literally squirm in their seats, and fart while at it so you best have one of  this to aerate the chair. It’s that serious!

Continue reading “Immigration Untitled.”

Bus Chronicles: Stink bombs,bored and horny, four honies

The overcast clouds deceived me.  I predicted it was going to be a long, dragging and gloomy day. Turned out to be the complete opposite. After waiting for the bus for what seemed like years, it finally came bringing with it a lot of stank goodies. Let’s retract a little bit, shall we. Initially while waiting for the bus, my intake of fresh air was … Continue reading Bus Chronicles: Stink bombs,bored and horny, four honies

Bus Chronicles: advice galore and mouth of babes

I hate unsolicited advice, it drives me nuts especially that of strangers.  The bus is usually not the best of places to dish out unsolicited advice or soak in words of the wise.  When using public transportation the unspoken rule is to treat everybody as a potential crazy. Basically this entails having a keen inconspicuous eye and not ruling out anybody from the crazy list because of how they look. Looks can be deceiving. 

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