A Brief History of Computer Printers

The computer printer we know and use today has a fascinating history. It has taken over a hundred years to refine its printing technology to become what we see today, taking the effort of many different scientists along the way. The first ever design for a computer printer is thought to have been made by Charles Babbage in the 1800s, but which remained just a … Continue reading A Brief History of Computer Printers

11 Business Accessories Every Professional Needs

The world of business does not just require quick wit and a clever mind. That is what gets someone started, but what keeps them going is the confidence in which they carry themselves. At the end of the day, what truly makes a businessman is their appearance. Everyone knows that men and women of business need quality tailored suits to make their mark in the … Continue reading 11 Business Accessories Every Professional Needs

Valentine’s Day is a marketing strategy?

It’s the day when couples do their utmost best to show their love and affection (through money) for each other. February hadn’t even started yet when chocolate, flowers, greeting cards and jewelry commercials began displaying Valentine’s Day specials on television, online, or in stores. Seems many companies use this romantic day as a business venture to rake in those bucks. And who can blame them. I feel like couples can’t simply say “happy Valentine’s Day” and give each other a kiss without spending their money, or going all out to get that perfect gift. I mean let’s be realistic people, the economy isn’t so great as it is, therefore we need to carefully manage our funds. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day is a marketing strategy?”