Students Pepper-Sprayed

Students at Santa Monica College in California were pepper sprayed by campus police for trying to force their way into a trustees meeting. The students were apparently angry over a plan to offer high -priced courses and decided to demonstrate to get their disapproval across. Only a handful were allowed into the meeting, and upon the denial of their request to move it to a larger venue, they tried forcing their way into the room.  Continue reading “Students Pepper-Sprayed”

[Exclusive] Lauren Conrad’s staying on her ‘Game’

The very first moment Lauren Conrad graced our television screens I knew there was something distinctive about this lady. Maybe it’s her personality or the fact that she’s well-grounded, but one thing we all can attest to is that LC is without a doubt driven for success. Many still call her ‘former reality star’ but I feel she’s far surpassed that by now. If you so choose to give her a proper title then ‘entrepreneur’ is more like it.

Over the years, Conrad has established an empire embodying her three fashion lines, a series of best selling books, and other business ventures. Lauren celebrated her 26th birthday recently and at such a young age she’s already accomplished a great deal. Indeed, the minimal and chic lover shows no sign of slowing down, so it’s quite a pleasant surprise that she even had time to spare for an interview with us. Therefore, it is significant that you continue on below because as usual, this interview was done on your behalf: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Lauren Conrad’s staying on her ‘Game’”

For Thought: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer

A new development has been made in the case involving the 26 year old missing nursing student, Michelle Le, who disappeared on May 27 from the Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center in North California as she was walking from her car to the garage. According to Lt. Roger Keener of the Hayward police department, investigators have found evidence from surveillance video, cellphone records and DNA samples, which led to the arrest of Le’s former high school friend Giselle Esteban. Blood stains found on the interior of Michelle’s car matched those found on the bottom of a pair of Esteban’s sneakers in her home. Continue reading “For Thought: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer”

Happy 40th Birthday Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur would be celebrating his 40th birthday today had he still lived with us. The rap star was killed in 1994 but has since remain in the hearts of millions worldwide through his music. On such a day like this, conspiracy theories have yet again risen surrounding Tupac’s death and who is truly responsible. A case that remains unsolved. However, I would like to put that behind at this moment and simply take the time to wish the rap legend a happy birthday by posting my favorite song, “Changes“. Continue reading “Happy 40th Birthday Tupac Shakur”

Elle & Blair: Sisters of Beauty

Meet Elle & Blair Fowler, two sisters living in Los Angeles that have become somewhat like beauty consultants through their videos on YouTube. These enthusiastic sisters have a love and passion for the beauty industry that goes beyond appearances.

Check out the exclusive interview below for more details:

Continue reading “Elle & Blair: Sisters of Beauty”