Jamie Lynn Breaks The Silence: Was It Necessary?

Jamie Lynn Spears

Interview by: Wendy Shanker

We haven’t heard much from Jamie Lynn Spears since the ordeal created by the media regarding the former ‘Zoey 101’ star became pregnant at 16, and how ‘she was a bad role model’ who let down her fans and everybody’s mommas. Jamie moved to Mississippi with then fiance and father of her child to escape theΒ scrutiny of Los Angeles and the public in general. She basically vanished from the spotlight and has reemerged years later to grant Glamour magazine an interview about the issues she’s faced being a teen mom, and one that was publicized as a role model to kids.

In the March issue of the magazine, the soon to be 21 year old goes in depth about the relationship with Casey Aldridge, the father of Β her 3 year old daughter Maddie, and how it was the tabloids making her older sis’ life a living hell that drove her out of the entertainment business, for now.Β  Continue reading “Jamie Lynn Breaks The Silence: Was It Necessary?”