Indigo Charlie “Floats” in Fashion

The music video for Indigo Charlie‘s new single, “Float,” has been unveiled!  It’s edgy, stylish, and a little dark. The video was shot as somewhat of a fashion short film showcasing the works of FIDM alumni, designer and friend, Alexander Kosztowny, who custom designed and crafted each dress worn by the singer. Indigo combines the best elements of fashion and drama in “Float,” mixed with her signature … Continue reading Indigo Charlie “Floats” in Fashion

Indigo Charlie’s “Cool Love”



Have you been missing rising star Indigo Charlie? Well, we sure have. The talented young singer returns with her new single “Cool Love“. The music video, which was shot in Los Angeles, has a party concept with Indigo chillin’ by the pool in the summer heat and still looking fly. I like how uptempo the beat is and Charlie’s voice is really soothing. Check out the video below and download the song here: Continue reading “Indigo Charlie’s “Cool Love””

[Exclusive] Indigo Charlie’s “on a journey to scratch souls”

Indigo Charlie is a Indie/Alternative singer and songwriter, and in her own words, “on a journey to scratch souls and vent”. By writing about her own experiences, Indigo creates music others can relate to. This talented singer wants to prove that she can stand out in an already packed industry.

With a single already out, and an EP on the way, Indigo Charlie is ready to take on the world and become an international superstar.

Check out her music video for ‘Never Change‘ remix featuring Khleo Thomas, and read the interview for more:

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Indigo Charlie’s 10 Quickies

Indigo Charlie is a singer and songwriter with a lot to share with music lovers worldwide. Indigo wants to create music that let people tap into their emotions, and with her style and talent, she’s about to do just that.

Be sure to read our interview with Indigo, and check out her ’10 quickie’ responses below:

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