Jewelry for Paws

I just came across this really gorgeous jewelry seller on Etsy. If you have animals, or just love them in general, then this online store is definitely for you. Jewelry for Paws are custom-made pieces designed by Terri Davis. She makes jewelry to fit your needs so feel free to contact her with your request by visiting her store. Terri donates to animal rescues and different … Continue reading Jewelry for Paws

EmbraceOneDollar Campaign

Embrace You has joined Charity: Water ( to provide a woman and her family (let’s call her Mariam) in a remote village in Africa with clean water. Charity:Water is a project founded by Scott Harrison to provide water to developing communities around the world. 

Our involvement with this particular project was borne out of the need of wanting to make our footprints on a global issue that truly means something to us. Clean water is a basic necessity that every human being should have access to. There were four main ways of getting involved, which included, volunteering, getting your school involved, signing up for email updates, and what we ultimately chose. FUNDRAISING.

We have started the “EmbraceOneDollar” campaign:  in which we ask for your generous and kind donations of *drum roll* only $1 to meet our $1,000 fundraising goal which ends on July 17,2011. You will be contributing directly to Charity:Water and NOT Embrace You. Rest assured your $1 donation will not be misappropriated! We have 76 days left to accomplish our goal. Help us achieve it! Continue reading “EmbraceOneDollar Campaign”