Top 3 Holiday Destinations in Asia

There are many exciting and varied holiday destinations in the huge continent of Asia. Picking just three of the amazing sights and locations to be visited is nigh on impossible. But the options below can certainly be counted amongst the top vacation spots of East Asia, each of them good for a different type of holiday: 1.The Great Wall, China – Great for history lovers, … Continue reading Top 3 Holiday Destinations in Asia

Stream Music: Asia

hello! My name Karine Dukuze, currently an exchange student who often wanders through the Dutch Appstore to stumble towards some amazing, and free streaming alternatives from software developers in the Middle, and Far East as a way to discover the unknown. For Western Asia, my very first pick is the pink Yala Music, a streaming service from Lebanon with my undefined cultural proximity to its … Continue reading Stream Music: Asia

When pigs swim!

While browsing the latest news via Yahoo! I came across something rather disturbing. Though, I doubt disturbing is even the appropriate word for the highlight of the day. Turns out 2,800 pigs were dumped in a Shanghai river as a result of severe measures being taken against contaminated pork. What a way to solve a problem, by creating another. As of now no contamination has … Continue reading When pigs swim!

That Baby’s Too Ugly To Be Mine!

So, in not-so-hilarious-but-makes-you-wanna-laugh-kind of news today, I discovered a case in China in regards to a husband who claims that the baby his wife gave birth to is too damn ugly to be his. Strange, I know. But Jian Feng strongly believed his daughter wasn’t his, so much so that he sued his wife and demanded a paternity test. According to court documents, Feng was … Continue reading That Baby’s Too Ugly To Be Mine!

For Thought: Man flees Jamaica after catching his wife cheating

There’s always some interesting story floating around the web and I’m the kind who’ll spend countless hours digging them out. Recently, I came across a news article by the Jamaica Star about a Chinese man who basically abandoned his business and left the island, after finding his wife in bed with a young employee. The St. Andrew community is on fire with this little drama, many Continue reading “For Thought: Man flees Jamaica after catching his wife cheating”

For Thought: Morality doesn’t exist in China?

Highlighted, a 2-year-old little girl about to be hit and run over by a white van in the background, in Guangdong, China.

WTH!! Can someone please explain to me how human beings can just walk by normally like everything’s fine when a child has been hit by not one, but two vehicles and is left bleeding in the middle of the street? Well, that’s certainly what took place on October 13 in Foshan City, Guandong, China. Apparently, a graphic surveillance video depicted a two year old being run over by a van, which immediately drove off, and ignored by passersby. Over the next several minutes, tons of civilians walk or drive past the child without helping her until she’s ran over by a second truck. A woman (garbage scavenger) later pulled Continue reading “For Thought: Morality doesn’t exist in China?”

Disappearing Acts: can you spot the difference?

Part Pepsi, part Coca-Cola, and part cement floor. ...

An artistic idea indeed. With the help of his kind assistants, Chinese artist Liu Bolin paints his entire body to blend in with his surrounding. Apparently he spends hours perfecting his disguise, which pays off in the end because you can hardly spot him in some of the images below. You truly have to look really hard to find him. According to Bolin, “the living sculptors are designed to show how we all can just disappear in todays mass production world.” Well without further delay, check out Liu Bolin’s artwork of ‘disappearing acts’ below: Continue reading “Disappearing Acts: can you spot the difference?”

Traveling T-shirt

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Your old T-shirt, made in China, bought in America, re-sold in Africa is the treasure I am talking about! It’s amazing how globally interconnected we have become.

The world wide web is one of the systems in place that has ensured for this connectedness. But you would be amazed how a simple piece of clothing, I now call it the mighty T-shirt, has played a huge role in uniting two countries, two continents apart.

Continue reading “Traveling T-shirt”