Here’s To An ‘Avenging’ Weekend

I was never one for ‘The Avengers,’ mainly because I’m a fan of DC Comics. However, Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury (if I missed anyone forgive me. Like Iive previously stated, I never followed them as a kid) combined forces to conquer the weekend box office. And victorious they are. The Marvel classic managed to score a whopping 200.3 million opening in the U.S. alone, beating out last year’s final installment in the ‘Harry Potter’ series’ 169.2 million.  Continue reading “Here’s To An ‘Avenging’ Weekend”

Derek Luke: The exceptional actor


New Jersey native Derek Luke certainly took us by surprise when he made his big screen debut in 2002’s “Antwone Fisher”, starring opposite the film’s director and producer Denzel Washington. Luke’s performance impressed movie critics and was considered Oscar worthy. Not bad for a former dreamer who worked several day jobs before achieving this unforgettable breakthrough.

Derek displayed a keen interest in film since the age of four. In 1995 he moved to California in hopes of making his dream come true, working as an usher for television tapings at Universal Pictures and later as a sales clerk at a gift store on Sony Pictures Studios lot. Continue reading “Derek Luke: The exceptional actor”