Christina Goh is “the afro-blues black pearl”

Prepare to be entertained by the music of this eccentric French singer and poetess. A sound and style like no other, Christina Goh creates a unique concept that is indescribable by words alone. “The afro-blues black pearl”, as given to her by admirers, is well on her way to the top. Should you have doubts, let the music speak for itself!

Check out her music video for “C’est un jeu” below, and read the interview to learn more:

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Christina Goh’s 10 Quickies

Christina Goh is a French singer, songwriter and poetress. The daughter of an Ivorian father, and a mother from Martinique, Christina started to pursue music at the age of 23. Her musical concept is a mixture of Afro, Rock-Blues and French music; Christina is quite an artistic individual, who allows her poetry to flow naturally into her sound.

Be sure to read her interview with EMBRACE YOU, and check out her ’10 quickie’ responses below:

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