It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

Ladies and gentlemen, spilling your dirty laundry in public can be very detrimental to your reputation. I received a first hand view of that just recently. By the way, who says taking public transportation isn’t interesting? This is what went down: I was waiting impatiently at the bus stop, being that my bus was unsurprisingly ten minutes late, and ended up being an unwilling witness … Continue reading It’s The Plumber. I’m Here To Fix Your Pipe!

I Caught My BFF’s Boyfriend Cheating!

woman watching couple

So you’ve caught your best friend’s boyfriend cheating, which could mean you saw him and the girl holding hands or being intimate, or they were just simply talking. Whichever the case, what is the right thing to do? confront the boyfriend and the chick, call your friend up and tell her what you saw, or mind your own business?

In my opinion, I would first confront the guy, then tell my best friend. Ladies remember that is your bff, and you should always have her back and keep her best interests at heart. If you mind your business and deny what you saw, your bff will be subdued to a period of heartache, not to mention she’ll be upset if she finds out that you knew something and said nothing.

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