Album Review: ‘Girl Disrupted’ by Sevyn Streeter

While I speak for many by saying I enjoyed all of her singles and EPs, it’s great to finally have an album from Sevyn Streeter. I’m sure no one is more happy about that than the versatile artist herself. Sevyn gives her all on GIRL DISRUPTED, as she always does, sounding edgier and more transparent than ever. With R&B at the record’s core, listeners are … Continue reading Album Review: ‘Girl Disrupted’ by Sevyn Streeter

Album Review: Tamia’s “Love Life”

When I first glimpsed the cover art for Tamia’s sixth studio album, my mind instantly flashed back to her self-titled debut where she’s portraying four different sides. And after listening to Love Life, you can definitely get a sense of what Tamia’s going for: a combination of sexy, playful, and vulnerable. The album opens up with the bouncy and emotional Love Falls Over Me, a clear depiction of … Continue reading Album Review: Tamia’s “Love Life”

Album Review: “Love, Marriage & Divorce”

Toni Braxton and Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds joining musical forces to create an album, is a dream come true for most fans, including moi. I love their voices and have been longing for their reunion. Whether it be Babyface writing for her again, or doing a duet, recording a collaborative album is even better. I smell hit on every single track. No fillers. Only breathtaking, meaningful, … Continue reading Album Review: “Love, Marriage & Divorce”

[Review] Lalah Hathaway’s “Where It All Begins”

Lalah Hathaway has been in the music industry for quite some time now, but she’s the kind of artist that I believe doesn’t get the full recognition she clearly deserves. I’ve never been able to put into sense exactly how her sound grabs my attention, but I can certainly say she touches the core of my soul with her singing. Its soul, r&b, and jazz elements all mixed together to create soothing and delightful melodies filling the atmosphere with this aphrodisiac that stimulates an intense emotion in listeners. ‘The First Daughter of Soul’ brings no bull when it comes to her art. It’s a sound like no other. I kid you not. Lalah’s music definitely has that impact on people and if you bid to differ, then evidently there’s something wrong with you, or it could mean you have no idea what good music is. The singer’s sixth studio album, “Where It All Begins,” is described as a regeneration of Lalah’s creativity. And after listening to the first single “If I Want To”, one could only expect it the album to be just as remarkable. So, is it? Let’s find out together. Continue reading “[Review] Lalah Hathaway’s “Where It All Begins””