Conya Doss “can’t be placed in a box”

Conya Doss is not your average artist. Her sound ranges from neo-soul, to r&b, and a little funk, but ask Ms. Doss what kind of music she makes and she’ll simply say “It’s like gumbo”; being inspired by so many greats, it’s no wonder this Cleveland native doesn’t place her art within a box.

Conya’s energetic and entertaining live performances have her audience rocking out and hungry for more. She’s truly incomparable and exceptional at what she does. There’s no stopping a talented artist that is driven for success.

Doss’ latest album “Blu Transition” introduces listeners to another chapter in the artist’s life, as well as the journey she’s been on leading up to its release. Watch her music video for “All in You” below, and read our exclusive interview with Conya Doss to learn more about this amazing artist: Continue reading “Conya Doss “can’t be placed in a box””

Conya Doss’ 10 quickies

If you have no idea who Conya Doss is then please get in the know because you’ve been sleeping on a talented artist. Conya’s style is like no other. A passionate and hard-working woman who simply wants to share her love for entertaining with liseners worldwide.

Conya has recently taken some time to give EY an exclusive interview, and of course 10 quick reasons why she’s so cool. Check out her awesome responses below:  Continue reading “Conya Doss’ 10 quickies”