Recent Trends Show More Australians Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular among Australians in recent decades. As procedures have become safer, more affordable and able to yield more natural-looking results, more people have chosen to go under the knife. Rather than seeking cosmetic surgery to correct the disfiguring results of an accident, Australians are more frequently seeking to improve their appearance and erase the signs of aging. Recent trends suggest … Continue reading Recent Trends Show More Australians Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

Is Cosmetic Surgery Really Worth It?


Today, cosmetic surgery has never been as popular or even socially acceptable as it is now. With so many people wanting to go under the knife, it is hardly surprising that demand for treatments is booming. With literally hundreds of treatments available, ranging from things such as liposuction to non-surgical facelifts, procedures are becoming increasingly common for both men and women that are seeking aesthetic fixes.

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Top 7 Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Even the most basic plastic surgery procedures are met with suspicion and uncertainty due to the many pictures scattered across the Internet of botched procedures or those who have had an excessive amount of work done. While these ideas always shed plastic surgery in a bad light, in actuality, these procedures can be good for you offering physical and psychological benefits. There are seven excellent … Continue reading Top 7 Benefits of Plastic Surgery

That Baby’s Too Ugly To Be Mine!

So, in not-so-hilarious-but-makes-you-wanna-laugh-kind of news today, I discovered a case in China in regards to a husband who claims that the baby his wife gave birth to is too damn ugly to be his. Strange, I know. But Jian Feng strongly believed his daughter wasn’t his, so much so that he sued his wife and demanded a paternity test. According to court documents, Feng was … Continue reading That Baby’s Too Ugly To Be Mine!

The Plastic Surgery Club

One cannot deny that plastic surgery does change lives. It’s not all negative; some people choose cosmetic surgery to correct unsightly scars, which is highly understandable. What I don’t get is why the already beautiful choose to go under the knife to get themselves altered, simply because they want to achieve perfection. Is it Continue reading “The Plastic Surgery Club”