Dermot Kennedy Unveils “For Island Fires and Family” MV

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter DERMOT KENNEDY has released the music video for his provocative track ‘For Island Fires and Family’. The song is part of a collection of his current back catalogue of music and available now to stream in full – The collection precedes Kennedy’s debut album which is set for release later this year. Check out the video below: Dermot has a very exciting year ahead of … Continue reading Dermot Kennedy Unveils “For Island Fires and Family” MV

[Exclusive] High Dive Heart: A combination of Country & Pop and everything else!

High Dive Heart is a Nashville and Los Angeles-based musical union of multi-platinum songwriter and solo artist Jason Reeves and singer-songwriter Nelly Joy. The duo caught my attention immediately with their new single, Misfit. And I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about them prior to its release because their sound is totally my cup of tea, and I’ve been listening to their debut EP Sonic Graffiti … Continue reading [Exclusive] High Dive Heart: A combination of Country & Pop and everything else!

High Dive Heart in ’10’

There’s something about High Dive Heart that has music lovers hooked from their first listen. Whether it’s their vibrant videos or love-filled lyrics, it’s obvious that this talented duo has plenty to offer. It was so nice of Jason and Nelly to take time out of their busy schedule to grant EY an interview, and even went on to take our traditional ’10 quickies’. Check out their … Continue reading High Dive Heart in ’10’

Friday Melodies: “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town

I love Little Big Town and have always enjoyed their music. I’m not sure why their latest single is such a controversy, compared to all the other suggestive stuff in mainstream music these days, but whatever,  I love the song and I totally get the lyrics. Do you think Girl Crush should be banned? I don’t. But that’s me. Check out the lyric video and do … Continue reading Friday Melodies: “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town

Album Review: “Hear Me Out” by Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles‘ latest EP has been out for a while now, but I still wanted to do a review because after recently listening to all five songs, I’m without a doubt in love with the record. With a mixtue of rock, pop, and folk, you can tell there’s something very personal in each track.  Hear Me Out opens up the EP on an energetic note, emphasizing … Continue reading Album Review: “Hear Me Out” by Sarah Miles

Album Review: ‘One’ by Sarah Miles

onesarahRelease Date: July 16th 2013

Label: Rock Ridge Music

Purchase: iTunes | Amazon

Rating: 5/5

This album was provided in digital format in exchange for an honest review but that does not influence my opinion at all.

Had to state that before going any further because I sincerely enjoyed the debut album of Sarah Miles. Packed with a combination of country, folk, pop, acoustic, and soft rock songs, One is like a soothing soundtrack to the warm summer days and the bitter-sweetness of relationships and life. I cannot express enough how absorbing and easy to love these songs are, and I feel my review may not truly interpret the greatness of the album. But go on this journey with me as I give you a break down of my reaction to every single track: Continue reading “Album Review: ‘One’ by Sarah Miles”

Spotlight: Sarah Miles

Rock Ridge Music – Sarah Miles grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and has the distinction of being the youngest child ever to be admitted to NJ’s prestigious Westminster Conservatory Children’s Choir. As a member of various a cappella groups, she toured Sweden, Newfoundland, and Toronto, and performed at The White House and on the Today Show. After studying at University of Vermont, she moved … Continue reading Spotlight: Sarah Miles

Music Review: Little Big Town’s “Tornado”

Released: September 11, 2012

Label: Capitol

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

Rating: 5/5

Are you in the mood for some good ol country music mixed with a modern funky vibe and sweet melodies? Then this album is definitely for you. I’ve glimpsed Little Big Town online one time too many and have even promised to check out their songs but never got around to doing so. Interestingly enough, a Tornado was all it took to get my attention. I rely heavily on first impressions; if I’m not intrigued from the very first listen, whether or not I played samples or the songs in full, I’ll pass on doing a review. But after listening to the opening track I just had to dive into the rest. Continue reading “Music Review: Little Big Town’s “Tornado””

Music Review: Tamia’s “Beautiful Surprise”

Release date: August 28th 2012

Label: Plus1 Music Group

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

Rating: 5/5

Are you tired of the far from authentic and beyond washed-up so-called music playing on the airways? Then Tamia’s latest album is sure to remind you what it truly means to not only have natural talent but to also deliver substantial songs that won’t leave you feeling like throwing up. “Beautiful Surprise” is the epitome of r&b and soul, something very lacking at the moment. Thankfully, Tamia isn’t fazed by trends and chooses to hold tight to her musical roots while belting out fresh melodies on each track.  Continue reading “Music Review: Tamia’s “Beautiful Surprise””

[Review] Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”

The First Lady of American Idol has returned with her fifth studio album “Stronger,” inspired by the popular quote “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Apparently, “Stronger” has a defined concept unlike Kelly’s previous releases. It’s about strength and empowerment, and each track was recorded on that basis. I think it’s great to have a story being told when it comes to recording an album and even though she stated there wasn’t, I felt that “Breakaway” had a distinctive concept as well: love, heartbreak, and growth. It’s also a pleasure to have the singer back on the scene but sometimes her new music isn’t as pleasant. I’m referring to her last album, “All I Ever Wanted.” Let’s just say I only enjoyed five of the fourteen tracks, simply because the rest sounded like a drag. I’ve been following this starlet since her debut and I think that only a real fan can comfortably say that her music hasn’t always been impressive. Hopefully, “Stronger” can pick up where “Breakaway” left off. Continue reading “[Review] Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger””

Ease your mind with Michael Turner

Michael Turner and Tracy Wittman are No Boundries

I know you like to take it slow, while everyone else is on the go but you’re just not the rushing kind, if it eases your mind. 

Sometime last week, while going through our youtube mail, I came across a subscription request that had me at delete because of the name, olddogg2. Before  my cursor and the x become one with each other, the dogg part of the name piqued my interest and I decided to see who this weirdo was.


It turned out to be the page of Michael Turner a singer/songwriter. I instantly fell in love with his It will ease your mind song and the rest as they say is history. Sit back and acquaint yourself with music that will transport you to an era past.

Continue reading “Ease your mind with Michael Turner”

[Exclusive] Interview with Nikki Lane: “Retro Inspired Country Star”

Nikki Lane is a country recording artist who’s seemingly influenced by anything retro; need proof, listen to her music, check out her fashion style and watch her music videos. Lane’s voice is as sweet as honey. Her sound is country, but with an edge. It’s definitely incapable of being placed inside a box. Nikki’s latest album, “Walk of Shame“, includes everything but an overwhelming about of breakup songs. It delivers variety and depth, and more issues we can all relate to. One word I use to describe this artist and her music is, rarity. There’s something  particularly unique about her and that will truly take her global and beyond.

Walk of Shame” will be available on September 27. In the mean time, check out Nikki’s vintage looking music video for “Gone, Gone, Gone” below, and read the interview to learn more about this inspiring singer: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with Nikki Lane: “Retro Inspired Country Star””

Nikki Lane in ’10’



Nikki Lane has an incomparable musical style and is in my opinion the true definition of a creative artist. Her unique concept transitions well in whatever art form she develops. With her stunning beauty and indescribable stage presence, Lane is making a name for herself in an industry that’s certainly lacking real talent. It’s always a pleasure to have any artist take on our traditional ’10 quickies’, and Nikki is the next to do so. So check out her answers below and don’t forget to read our exclusive interview with this gifted performer. Continue reading “Nikki Lane in ’10’”

[Review] Lady Antebellum’s “Own The Night”

Lady Antebellum wasn’t new on the music scene when they stole the hearts of many worldwide with “Need You Now.” However, it was the aforementioned that gained them the respect they worked so hard for. The country group received much appreciation for their harmonic and pure singing filled with raw emotion that reaches the soul of anyone who dares to listen. Should there be an individual to deny that fact then they obviously don’t know what good (meaningful) music sounds like. With “Need You Now” embedded into the minds of many, the trio certainly had one of the most anticipating albums of the year, in country music that is. However, did they deliver and satisfy the wait with “Own the Night?” We’ll see after I dissect their precious piece of art. Continue reading “[Review] Lady Antebellum’s “Own The Night””

[Exclusive] Suzi Oravec’s giving you her “heart and soul”

I recently came across a rare find. Suzi Oravec immediately caught my attention with her melting voice and intense song lyrics. This Ohio native is driven to achieve what she’s been working hard at for so long, to sing and write the kind of music that resonates in the hearts of listeners. Suzi has recently released her debut album “Love and Lies“, which she describes as the story of her life. Each track is relatable, fresh, soulful, and absolutely beautiful. This talented young lady is truly on the right path to global stardom so be sure to keep an eye out for her.

Suzi took the time for an exclusive interview with us and if you read on I can assure you that you’ll be enlightened by her answers. Just before that, please take a listen to one of the tracks off her album titled “Crazy: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Suzi Oravec’s giving you her “heart and soul””

Canada shows Shania Twain big love!

Arguably known as the princess of Country Pop, Shania Twain was formally inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the Juno Awards held in Toronto on March 27th. At the 40th Junos, which was hosted by Bryan Adams, Twain accepted her award with great pride and humility, and completely forgetting her own talents stating “I’m really so proud of Canada’s talent. I sit here tonight in … Continue reading Canada shows Shania Twain big love!

[Review] “Thompson Square”

Thomson SquareWhen people heard the name Thompson Square, a question that immediately started floating around was “where could such a place be found?” Well, set your minds at ease if you haven’t made the full discovery as yet; the name is actually derived from married couple Keifer and Shawna Thompson’s fantasy land, where beautiful music is created.

The newest faces to what critics are calling Country meets Rock, has been making waves with their latest single ‘Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not‘. I’m always up for checking out new music as long as it’s good, and Thompson Square’s music is definitely new and good. Their self-titled debut album will be released on February 8th, but since I’ve already taken a listen to the entire record, I’ll just go ahead and give my review without giving too much away: Continue reading “[Review] “Thompson Square””

The JaneDear Girls

The JaneDear GirlsThis American country duo will be releasing their self-titled debut album on February 1, 2011. The JaneDear Girls is consisted of Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett; the two met while at a songwriter’s concert in Nashville, Tennessee. The JaneDear Girls have just received been nominated for an Academy of Country Music Award for “Best New Duo or Group”. Their debut single “Wildflower” has been getting positive feedback from country music listeners, and their music video is so mmmm…interesting. Check it out below:

Continue reading “The JaneDear Girls”

Crystal ‘sox’ it to Lee Dewyze

American idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox’s debut album “Farmer’s Daughter“, outsells Lee Dewyzes’ album “Live it Up“. What’s the point you might ask? well, Lee Dewyze was actually the winner of the show last season. Crystal’s album sold over 106,000 since it’s release on December 14, while Dewyze sold 102,000 since his record came out on November 16.

Both albums are pretty good, and you guys should definitely support their music and purchase the records if you haven’t already. Check out Crystal Bowersox’s debut single “Farmer’s Daughter“, and Lee Dewyze’s “Sweet Serendipity” live below:

Continue reading “Crystal ‘sox’ it to Lee Dewyze”