“I Have Permission to Cheat…”

As otherworldly as that headline sounds, I kid you not. Such things are apparently taking place in relationships. I believe they casually call it ‘open relationship.’ Whatever the term is for that, the lifestyle definitely has me rethinking if it still holds the values of a relationship when it’s that open. Regardless of what the person giving the permission says, feelings are bound to get hurt and the end results will certainly not be pretty. Continue reading ““I Have Permission to Cheat…””

Church bans interracial marriage

Article by Eric Pfeiffer

In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that racism still exists in the world. In fact, I find it quite disgusting that people are still so narrow-minded when it comes to different races mixing together. And one might think that when the ignorant demonstrate their disapproval of interracial unions that the church would be a symbol of hope delivering the message of acceptance and looking beyond the color of the skin. However, that’s not the case for one church in Kentucky. Continue reading “Church bans interracial marriage”

Does It Matter Who Says ‘I Love You’ First?

It’s a fact that when you are in a relationship, it’s important to express your feelings in every way you can. Showing someone you care about them requires more than just the action, it’s also in the words, so does it matter who says ‘I love you’ first?

There have been cases where women say the three words, but have received no ‘I love you’ back in return. What does that mean? He doesn’t feel the same? It’s too soon? or did the girl scare him a little?

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Is Sex The Most Important Thing In Relationships?

Is sex really important in relationships, as in to make the relationship last? The truth is, it is an important aspect, but if it becomes the most important thing then the relationship won’t go too far. There are other things to building a lasting relationship and sex cannot be the only foundation.

The most important thing to build a relationship on is love and communication. Love is not the same as sex and will never be the same; ‘Making love’ with someone is not the same as having ‘sex’. If it’s just about sex then it becomes a physical thing with no meaning.

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