The Autumn Film takes us to ‘Paradise’

At least with their ahhmazing cover. ‘Paradise‘ is one of my favorite Coldplay songs so its only fair that I post this brilliant cover performed by The Autumn Film. The trio does a really good job in maintaining that spark I like so much in Coldplay’s version, and Tifah’s voice is so melting. Anyways, don’t let me creep you out with my praises. Have a … Continue reading The Autumn Film takes us to ‘Paradise’

Christina Grimmie covers “E.T.” and kills it!

So if you’re not familiar with the YouTube sensation Ms. Christina Grimmie then I suggest you get in the know. This girl is super talented and I can’t believe she’s not signed yet. What is wrong with this industry? Anyways, Christina recently uploaded another one of her killer covers and this time she made her own rendition of Katy Perry‘s hit single “E.T.” I swear … Continue reading Christina Grimmie covers “E.T.” and kills it!

JD Relic’s “making a name for himself”

Meet Jeff Darcy aka JDRelic, a producer, songwriter, artist, engineer and CEO, who rose to notable fame doing English covers of popular Kpop songs on YouTube. It was his “world famous” cover of G-Dragon’s hit “Heartbreaker” that peeked the interest of a Kpop producer, inviting JD to work with him in creating music possibly for huge international artists in the future.

JD is always working hard at establishing his already rising music career, so be sure to stay up to date because he will definitely make his mark on the music scene.

Check out his smooth english cover of TaeYang‘s “Wedding Dress” below, and read the interview for more:

Continue reading “JD Relic’s “making a name for himself””