Within Temptation covers and kills!

Dutch badass symphonic metal band adds some rock to hit songs “Crazy” and “Somebody that I used to Know”. Check out the edgy covers and tell us what you think. Sharon is such a versatile vocalist. Don’t you think? credit: PrincessofSecret Continue reading Within Temptation covers and kills!

“I love you, but you’re a lunachic”

I’ve noticed that in today’s society, most men tend to get involved with crazy women. Why is that so? Is it that they like all the drama of these “lunachics”? I think so. Maybe they’re trying to feed the male ego by dating these kind of girls; they often depict themselves as the hero, saving a damsel in distress, or someone to “fix” things. Note to the men doing this kind of thing, a relationship is not a house.

I think it also has something to do with the fact that men want a crazy chick in bed. So they’re probably thinking, if she’s crazy day-to-day then she must be in bed also. Some guys are looking for that adrenaline. Having a crazy girlfriend can bring lots of drama but somehow it makes them feel excited and alive. She’s bringing the “party” into his dull and boring life. Interesting!

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