[Giveaway Winner] HyunA’s “Melting” CD + Poster

Before I announce who the winner is I just wanna say that ya’ll have been great and if you didn’t win there’ll always be other opportunities. The process was difficult but I do have a winner: Continue reading “[Giveaway Winner] HyunA’s “Melting” CD + Poster”

[Music Review + Giveaway] Hyuna’s “Melting”

Release date: October 22, 2012

Label: Universal Music (SK)

Purchase: Yesasia | Kpoptown 

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My opinion in regards to HyunA has always been mixed. The kpop idol can either be proclaimed as one of the fiercest and most versatile artist of our generation, or if you’re more on the modest side of the fence you’ll probably define her as a sex symbol trying too hard to be a tease. I for one have placed all personal feelings at the back of my mind to focus entirely on what she has to offer on her second EP. Because since her debut with 4Minute, Hyuna has always taken the sexy approach and shows no sign of slowing things down. If you disagree please refer to her latest mini album’s title, confidently named ‘Melting‘. Pay no mind to all the suggestiveness because it is simply there for the shock factor.  Continue reading “[Music Review + Giveaway] Hyuna’s “Melting””

4Minute has “Love Tension”

I usually like 4Minute‘s music and their videos, but their latest Jpop single left me with mixed feelings. Not that the song wasn’t appealing, it was generic as most of mainstream dance so of course it’s got the appeal. But what I thought was kind of lackluster was the music video. They seemed so tired, and am I the only one sick of seeing Hyuna … Continue reading 4Minute has “Love Tension”

This Vampire Fixation


What’s up with people, no squash that, entertainers today? It seems they all have developed an annoying obsession with vampire concepts: dark, deathly, otherworldly. I don’t know about you but I forgot about that movie within 24 hours of its release. And in reaction to this style that continues to show up, my final conclusion remains, its washed-up. Continue reading “This Vampire Fixation”

JS & Hyuna are “Trouble Makers”

My two least favorite members, HyunSeung and Hyuna, from popular groups BEAST and 4Minute respectively have formed a project group called Trouble Maker. Their first single of the same title plays on the spy game with a funky rhythm and melodious whistling. However, I find it rather boring for some reason. It just didn’t elevate me to another level. And the music video was all about … Continue reading JS & Hyuna are “Trouble Makers”

[Review] G.NA’s “Top Girl”


Gina Choi aka G.NA, is a Canadian-born South Korean pop singer. This little lady received moderate success with the digital single “Things I Want to Do When I Have a Lover”, a duet performed alongside Kpop star RAIN. That intimate number showcased G.NA’s marvelous vocal abilities, making her debut one of the most anticipated among female solo artists. She later released an EP with one of the coolest titles I’ve ever heard in Kpop’s history; “Draw G’s First Breath” was G.NA’s official introduction to the music scene, “Black & White” sustained the eager fans, while her latest release, “Top Girl”, fills us in on her new style and where she’s at. If you’re glancing at the musical concept of her latest EP compared to that of her debut then you’ll see a completely different G.NA. I was bedazzled by her wild and edgy dirty blonde streaks during the promotion of “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better”, almost like she was the main character straight out of “The Bride With White Hair” movie, looking so mystical and filled with pain, but now I’m seeing a woman who is happy, cheerful and in control of her life. The new EP is spunky, hot, sophisticated, well polished, and vigorously highlighting G.NA’s sex appeal and charisma. Continue reading “[Review] G.NA’s “Top Girl””

The KCC’s bursting HyunA’s “Bubble”

HyunA is no stranger when it comes to suggestive lyrics and provocative choreography. In fact, the rapper/singer has been a sex symbol since debuting with the kpop group 4Minute. Let’s face it, this chick knows how to turn the sexy on. Her recent summer release “Bubble Pop” has garnered plenty of attention both negative and positive. The song’s been a hot topic for discussions since it hit the airwaves. To be honest, I wasn’t into “Bubble Pop” from start and didn’t quite get the hype surrounding it, but I’ve just read that the Korea Broadcasting and Communications Review Committee (KCC) has issued a notice stating that the song is far too inappropriate. As a a result HyunA’s record label, Cube Entertainment, has decided to end the song’s promotion prematurely. 

A representative from Cube released the following statement: Continue reading “The KCC’s bursting HyunA’s “Bubble””

Let’s have a “Heart to Heart”

Kpop female group 4Minute returns with a cute little love song. I like the music video for their newest single “Heart to Heart“, which is basically about Hyun A‘s relationship and getting back at her boyfriend for flirting with another girl. I must say Cube Entertainment has tamed the auto-tune and people can finally hear the true capabilities of 4Minute’s vocal range (especially JiYoon, girl can singggg!). Check out the music video below and purchase the “Heart to Heart” EP on Melon. My favorite track on the EP is #5, “Pretend“. Continue reading “Let’s have a “Heart to Heart””

Spotlight – BEAST

Meet BEAST (boys of the east standing tall), a South Korean pop group who became popular through their dance videos uploaded online, as well as their hit song “Bad Girl“. The group is consisted of six members, Du Jun (leader), Hyun Seung, Ki Kwang, Jun Hyung, Yo Seob, and Dong Woon.

BEAST released their debut EP “BEAST Is The B2ST” on October 14, 2009; prior to the EP, a teaser video for their intro track was released showcasing each members dance skills and names. After their debut, the group became very popular nationally and around Asia, and they started receiving endorsement opportunities from different companies.

Continue reading “Spotlight – BEAST”