Keida releases “One Love” MV

One Love is a wonderful song with a great message, and I like how the music video depicts that effortlessly. Check out the video and tell us what you think of this song showcasing another kind of story from the beautiful island of Jamaica. On her U.I.M Records produced single “One Love“, Keida helps her listeners to realize the importance of one pure love as the nucleus which … Continue reading Keida releases “One Love” MV

[Exclusive] Wayne’s ‘Wonderful’ and Timeless Music

Reggae singer-songwriter Wayne Wonder has a voice that reaches the soul. He’s a game changer with more to offer than melting ballads and catchy numbers. The Jamaican born and raised has established a spot for himself among music greats, and with several hits under his belt, Wayne’s ready to take the next step while continuing to do it his ‘way’.

Check out the music video to one of my favorites ‘If I Ever’, and continue below to learn more about this soulful artist:

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Mya’s “Taking Him Out”, with some added Spice

R&B urban pop songstress Mya returns with an island themed music video for her latest, Take Him Out, featuring Jamaican Dancehall artist Spice. The uptempo beat definitely has reggae and dancehall influences, but still keeps it pop with some Mya flavor. Check out the simple yet cute and colorful video and tell us what you think of the track. Credit: asamded Continue reading Mya’s “Taking Him Out”, with some added Spice

[Exclusive] Konshens On His ‘Mental Maintenance’

Interview by Kai

Konshens piqued the interest of many with his 2005 release “Pon Di Corner.” From there on, the artist continued to make a name for himself in the industry; spawning several more hits within and outside his native Jamaica. One can refer to this versatile man as not only a musician, performer, or fashion designer, but also an advocate trying to make a difference in his community.

Let’s face it already, Konshens is destined to be a global star, and it’s only a matter of moments before the world starts calling his name. Don’t agree? Then listen to his songs. I’m sure he’ll have you hooked on one of his catchy tunes in no time. And while we’re all eager for a “Mental Maintenance,” watch the music video for his hot single “Do Sumn,” which was also featured in the popular video game Just Dance, and read the interview below to discover the man on stage & behind the music:

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’10’ Things To Clear Your Konshens

The energetic Dancehall artist is set to release his new album “Mental Maintenance” on February 28, but just before doing so, Konshens spared a little time out of his busy schedule to grant us an exclusive interview, as well as to provide some swift answers to our ’10’ quick questions below. Continue on to learn more, and laugh a bit: Continue reading “’10’ Things To Clear Your Konshens”

Despite the inevitable, ‘world boss’ reigns in good ‘Vybz’


There’s no doubt that 2011 belonged to Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, and while it’s still early, 2012 is showing good signs that his music will continue making waves throughout the New Year. However, we can’t deny the legal woes taking place behind the scenes and exactly how it will impact his career in the long run. Well, unless this controversial entertainer will be making music from imprisonment, he will in fact lose his reign to others hungry for the spotlight. This is the music business after all; take a break and someone else takes your shine. Continue reading “Despite the inevitable, ‘world boss’ reigns in good ‘Vybz’”

Cherine takes on several roles in new video

For the intense, thought-provoking music video to the very much similar in sentiments single “How We Living,” Dancehall Soul singer Cherine Anderson takes on the role as director to guide herself in channeling interesting roles that depict the life of many women. Check it out and tell us what you think. “How We Living” is one of my favorite tracks off her mixtape “Ja9.25“ Credit: … Continue reading Cherine takes on several roles in new video

[Exclusive] Interview with Ce’Cile: Dancehall’s “Bad Gyal”

Ce’Cile, otherwise known as the ‘Bad Gyal‘ of Dancehall, is a Jamaican recording artist most notable for her raw and untamed musical style, and unique creativity that is very much unlimited. This super talented diva has remained a breath of fresh air on the Dancehall scene, due to the fact that she’s ever evolving and taking her career to higher heights. It’s quite difficult to drop the entertainer into one category, as she continues to switch things up while maintaining ‘Ce’Cile’ on anything she creates. With a stage presence far from rehearsed, and personality you never tire of, Ce’Cile has always captivated her audiences around the world. On her latest work of art, Ce’Cile is giving fans the real side of herself; delivering her usual sex appeal, fused into rock steady Reggae jams and tasteful Dancehall numbers. “Jamaicanization” is her latest album and It’s truly worth a listen. Be sure to show your support and purchase it on iTunes now. And with the release of the album the artist has been quite caught up with promotions, so it’s hard to believe she had time for an interview. Check out her latest music video for a sensual medley of “When You’re Gone” and “Missing You” below, and read on to learn more about Ce’Cile in our exclusive interview:

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Ce’Cile takes ’10’



I first became aware of Ce’Cile‘s music and style a few years back when her debut single “Changez” hit the airwaves. After that very interesting breakthrough, the Dancehall artist was seen all over the place. Ce’Cile is known for her sultry vocals and hardcore lyrics, who also creates entertaining songs worth your ear. This singjay (singer/DJ) shakes up any stage her feet touches; from Europe and Asia, to the Caribbean, the talented performer is making heads turn. The ‘bad gyal‘ of Dancehall is the next to answer our traditional ’10 Quickies’. Check out the interview, and of course her 10 quick responses below. Go ahead, indulge yourselves: Continue reading “Ce’Cile takes ’10’”

[Review] Mýa’s “K.I.S.S.”

Mýa plunged back into making music after wrapping up “Dancing with the stars”, and has since made a name for herself overseas. The r&b/pop singer, dancer, actress, and songwriter has been hard at work in the studio cooking up new material in which she’ll be able to display her growth and maturity as an artist. Her 6th studio album “K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sexy & Simple)” has been doing exceptionally well in Japan. The album serves up a mixture of r&b, electropop, rock, dancehall, and soul songs that will surely become a favorite amongst fans. Mýa sings about love and heartbreak while adding party anthems and stress relievers to the bunch to keep listeners entertained. There’s definitely something for everyone. Continue reading “[Review] Mýa’s “K.I.S.S.””

Keida to the world!

Jamaican born Makeida Beckford, simply known as Keida, is truly the one to watch out for. This “creative, free spirited and eclectic” young lady has all the attributes of a star. From turning heads with her “Jamaican boy” music video, to rocking out and marveling her audience at live shows, Keida has always proved one thing: she is definitely here to stay.

Check out her latest music video for “Bubble Up/Dance floor” below and read the interview for more details on this talented artist: Continue reading “Keida to the world!”

Bey samples Dancehall

The “Diva” is on the verge of unveiling her 4th studio album this summer and her new concept can be heard in the latest single “Girls (who run the world)“. Beyonce has sampled Major Lazer‘s “Pon De Floor” dancehall riddim, which features the controversial artist Vybz Kartel. I like Bey’s new single, but I need to play it a few more times before loving it. And I’m happy that she stuck to what she does best, instead of conforming with the eurodance crap everyone else seems to be transitioning to. Anyways, listen to Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor” and Beyonce’s “Girls” below: Continue reading “Bey samples Dancehall”

Cherine takes you “where street meets sweet”

Cherine Anderson has been making waves since her debut in the entertainment industry. It’s Dancehall music like no other: a genre that has graced the world with hypnotic dance moves, hot beats and talented artists. However, Cherine sets apart from the rest by delivering a unique sound she describes as “where street meets sweet”. The queen of Dancehall-Soul has come a long way indeed; from impressing audiences with her captivating on screen performance in the popular ‘Dancehall Queen‘, to rocking out at Madison Square Garden, and touring with international artists like Sly & Robbie, John Mayer, and Counting Crows. There is no border Cherine will not cross to take her music to listeners worldwide.

Currently she’s working hard on her debut album and making plans on getting back on the road, but Cherine still managed to take some time out from her busy schedule to give us an interview. Watch the hot new music video for her latest single ‘Make Up Sex‘ below, and check out the exclusive interview to learn more about Cherine’s journey:

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Spotlight – Cherine Anderson

Meet Cherine Anderson, a Jamaican actress, reggae/dancehall singer, songwriter and video director. She is most notable for her appearances in the movies “Dancehall Queen” and “One Love“, and also for the song”Kingston State of Mind“.

Cherine has worked with Grammy award winners Sly & Robbie, Sting, Wyclef Jean, Jimmy Cliff, and Michael Franti. She has contributed to several complilations until her 2006 debut single “Good Love“. Later on, she collaborated with the popular Chuck Fenda on the hit single “Coming Over“. The song went to number one on Jamaican Reggae charts, and became popular throughout the caribbean. Continue reading “Spotlight – Cherine Anderson”

Tessanne Chin’s 10 Quickies

Tessanne Chin is a Jamaican Rock/Reggae singer and songwriter. She is best known for her hit song “Hideway”, and has opened shows for legendary artists like Patti Labelle, Peabo Bryson, and Gladys Knight. Tessanne has also toured with international reggae artist Jimmy Cliff.

On the verge of releasing her solo debut album, Tessanne is ready to take on the music industry, and give listeners a fresh and unique sound never heard before.

Check out her responses to the ’10 Quickies’ below: Continue reading “Tessanne Chin’s 10 Quickies”

Spotlight – Christopher Martin

Meet Christopher Martin, Jamaican reggae singer. Chris is the winner of the 2005 Digicel Rising Stars Competition, which is  the Jamaican version of “American Idol”. He is known for his amazing vocal ability,  which can be heard in his first hit song “Love is all we need“, and my personal favorite Continue reading “Spotlight – Christopher Martin”