My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

As hilarious as the title is, this is actually quite a serious issue in some relationships. I recently read on my newest obsession the Jamaica Star website about a guy having trouble coping in a relationship with the girl he likes not wanting to kiss him. After composing myself from the kind of laughter that gives you a tummy ache, I had a sudden flashback … Continue reading My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

He puts his mom first, his woman last.

They say that a man who loves and respects his mother and family, in general, is a good man, but should he always put them first over the woman he’s dating or even married to? I think not. And to be honest, I’ve never been flattered by that fact. If his life revolves around his mother then what part does his woman play? How will … Continue reading He puts his mom first, his woman last.

5 Reasons Why Singles Choose Online Dating Over Traditional

Online dating has become more of a trend nowadays and, in fact, it has become the new normal where people can find and hook up with potential dates quite fast and easily. Traditional way of dating, although some people still practice it, is immersed with a lot of barriers that limit a person from finding his or her potential life partner with much convenience. For … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Singles Choose Online Dating Over Traditional

The Glamour of Online Dating

Online dating has no doubt been a source of great debate with many people viewing it as an alien, ineffective way to stirr long lasting relationships. Just a few years back, a couple that acknowledged to have dated online prior to meeting physically were looked down upon and even vilified in some quarters. But thanks to rise of mobile dating apps and social networks, online … Continue reading The Glamour of Online Dating

How to Make a Lasting First Impression on a Date

  Although we would like to imagine that people see us the way we really are, the truth is that they see us based on the impression we made when we met them for the first time. So, the impression you make on a first date will have a lasting impact on your relationship. In fact, it will still influence your date’s opinion of you … Continue reading How to Make a Lasting First Impression on a Date

Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: Is That Really True?

Now and then my friends and I debate on the topic concerning men and cheating. I’ve often questioned the saying ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’ because I truly believe that people change and forgiveness should be given. So, that conversation has always ended up unresolved due to the fact that my friends believe the man will always be a cheater and should never be … Continue reading Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: Is That Really True?

Guys Hurt Too!

Ladies, let’s keep it real. Sometimes we tend to forget that guys have feelings too, and they hurt just as much as we do in relationships. Most of the time its the women feeling heartbroken, crying to friends and family, thinking the man doesn’t care, sometimes they really don’t, but often times they do. And we need to remember that men usually express themselves emotionally different than we do.  Continue reading “Guys Hurt Too!”

“I Have Permission to Cheat…”

As otherworldly as that headline sounds, I kid you not. Such things are apparently taking place in relationships. I believe they casually call it ‘open relationship.’ Whatever the term is for that, the lifestyle definitely has me rethinking if it still holds the values of a relationship when it’s that open. Regardless of what the person giving the permission says, feelings are bound to get hurt and the end results will certainly not be pretty. Continue reading ““I Have Permission to Cheat…””

I lied. It’s not me, it’s definitely you.

By Kai

Some of us have experienced the “it’s not you, it’s me” syndrome at some point in our lives and at that very moment we think to ourselves “bullshit,” because we’ve become so familiar with the statement that we know it’s a lie. Well, I’m a firm believer in ‘honesty is the policy,’ regardless. So whenever I have an issue with a guy’s behavior, I’ll definitely call him out on it. And if I’ve decided to take a break then I’ll just be truthful, ‘you’re the problem, I need a break from you.’ See the thing is too many lies are being told in relationships and that’s why progress is not even smelt in the air. I mean, you know things are going sour but Continue reading “I lied. It’s not me, it’s definitely you.”

Oceans apart: will the relationship work?

By Kai

He’s in Japan. She’s in the U.S. Having a long distance relationship when you’re States apart can be hard, but when you’re living in two separate countries is just beyond difficult. Skype has been an enormous help but not even that awesome invention can subdue the loneliness and longing felt by the two. Welcome to the life and ongoing issues that my friend has been facing since she started dating her boyfriend. Continue reading “Oceans apart: will the relationship work?”

Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one

It was just too perfect. I know many have felt that way in the past about a relationship and usually that’s the main reason why it falls apart. Sometimes perfect becomes comfortable, and safe; perfect inevitably leads to boredom. There’s nothing spontaneous happening and you begin to lose interest. He/she seemed like the right one at the time but after letting them go you come to terms with the fact that maybe they really weren’t. Now that you’ve had time to carefully think about the past and where the relationship went wrong, you can start developing logical reasons as to why it really wasn’t Continue reading “Sometimes “the one that got away” really wasn’t the right one”

My boyfriend, my hero…hopefully

My girls and I are always having discussions about the kind of qualities we look for in men. Often times we say he has to be determine, ambitious, kind, attractive, and the list goes on. But what I hope for above all the other attributes, yes even before hotness, is courage. Lord knows I do not want a sissy. And if a man acts cowardly in times where his strength is required, need be physical, mental, or emotional, then that will affect my overall image of him. To be honest, it would ruin even the first impression that was obviously good if Continue reading “My boyfriend, my hero…hopefully”

The side chick wants more commitment?

A few days ago I stopped by a Dunkin Donuts on my way home to get a cup of my favorite Vanilla Chai tea. While waiting anxiously for this sweet beverage to be served to me, I couldn’t help notice the very interesting conversation going on between two friends at a table further right from where I was standing. Not that I was ease dropping, Continue reading “The side chick wants more commitment?”

“My boyfriend says he’s hotter than I am.”

First of all, any guy that tells his girlfriend that he’s way hotter than she is below poop. There’s not even a decent word that can describe what a douche he is. And any girl who stays with such a loser could only be miserable. If she’s feeling that way without him even saying something so atrocious it doesn’t mean she’s not attractive, it’s just that she’s insecure. There’s nothing more sexy and attractive than a woman who exhumes confidence and loves the skin she’s in. But if that idiot spends way more time in the mirror fixing himself than you do, and makes it a mission in life to constantly remind you how not on top of your game you are, then he’s got to go. I mean, why is he with you to begin with and what exactly was it that attracted him to you if he’s later going to trample on your heart? Unless, and this is not an excuse for his disgusting behavior, Continue reading ““My boyfriend says he’s hotter than I am.””

“He keeps our relationship a secret”

My friends and I debate about this issue ever so often but we always end up with the same conclusion, if a woman is dating a man that keeps their relationship a secret from his family and especially his friends then maybe she’s not the only one he’s seeing. And that’s usually the case. Another thing is that he doesn’t want to be seen in public with you because he isn’t proud to be with you. A man won’t claim a woman he doesn’t want. Most likely he’s getting entertained from all your investments in the relationship but he doesn’t think you’re good enough to introduce to his loved ones.  Continue reading ““He keeps our relationship a secret””

Do you really want a nice guy?

How contrary is it that women often say they want a nice and honest guy but always date the bad guys instead? It’s quite simple actually; nice guys finish last while bad guys get all the action. A man will often find himself in the ‘friend zone’ when he provides support and comfort for a woman. No matter how her current boyfriend mistreats her she’ll never run to his wide open arms, but instead she’ll head for his shoulders to lean on and cry an ocean of tears. Continue reading “Do you really want a nice guy?”

Is dating still necessary?

I pity the fool who doesn’t take courting seriously and dives into bed first. There’s so much to gain from spending time with a person and learning about their personality, interests, and basically if they’re sane. I mean why would you sleep with someone who you’ve only just met at a club or bar, then wake up the next day with regrets? Not only is that sleazy, but if you aren’t careful then you might be setting yourself up to contract STDs.

Continue reading “Is dating still necessary?”

A good man is easy to find: Lower your unreasonable expectations.

I have so many friends who search their brains constantly to find an answer as to why someone as fly as they are have yet to find a really nice guy. I came to the conclusion that maybe they just need to lower their over-the-top expectations of what exactly a really nice guy should embody. Women at times make these long lists of “requirements” that men should have in order to approach them. Is it love or money you want? Continue reading “A good man is easy to find: Lower your unreasonable expectations.”