Usher reaches the “Climax”

For all those still pondering on whether or not this song’s about the big ‘S’, get your heads out the clouds cause it’s not. “Climax” is about reaching the limit in the relationship and deciding on what’s the next step to take. I absolutely love this new song and I hope the rest of his album will be just like this. Check out the electrifying … Continue reading Usher reaches the “Climax”

[Music Review] Usher’s “Climax”

I was beginning to worry Usher was putting to rest his soulful roots to jump on the dance trend that has proven to be tasteless and forgettable music only hot for a second. However, “Climax” is a sultry, seductive, groovy, passionate, and provocative new single that gets me anticipating his seventh studio album. The track embodies not only soul, but elements of modern pop, dubtep, as well as electronic effects all intertwined together creating a beautiful sound. I’m taken a back by this electrifying beat; every hair on my hands stood up the first time I heard it, and my reaction remains the same with every listen.  Usher’s voice gets my blood boiling by his steamy tone and sensual harmonies. Listen, if you haven’t already, and be mesmerized: Continue reading “[Music Review] Usher’s “Climax””