What’s going on with Barry Southgate?

Remember the South African native Barry Southgate, singer and songwriter we previously interviewed? Seems like he’s been doing quite a lot lately. Barry was recently featured in DropOutUK, and his single “Don’t You Think” was reviewed by Spin or Bin, an online magazine in Singapore. Β Southgate’s new record “Epitome” looks to be coming together as track titles and concepts were revealed on his official website, … Continue reading What’s going on with Barry Southgate?

Barry Southgate creates ‘a bed of harmonies’

Singer, songwriter and performer Barry Southgate is a multi-talented artist based in Australia. “An ordinary man, living a not-so ordinary life”, Barry is working hard to bring a feel-good pop sound fusing together with soul, to music lovers around the globe.

Barry Southgate is more than just an entertainer; he does his best in giving back as well, wherever and whenever he can.Β With a new single and his first EP released, Barry hopes to get his music into the ears and hands of as many people as possible.

Check out his latest single “Don’t You Think?” below, and read the interview for more details about this amazingly talented artist!

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Barry Southgate’s 10 Quickies

South African born Barry Southgate is doing his best in creating fresh and unique sound for music lovers everywhere. Now living in Australia, Barry is on the verge of reaching international stardom with his talents in singing and songwriting.

Check out his interesting answers to the ’10 quickies’ below, and get to know Barry Southgate a little better!