[Exclusive] Interview with Danielle & Chantelle: “The Dpipertwins”

Born in New York and raised in Ghana, Danielle and Chantelle, AKA the Dpipertwins, have been creating a storm since unleashing Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest jewelry. The designer twins were destined to take their place in the fashion industry, being strongly influenced by a designer mother since birth. After years of hard work and preparation, and finally launching their collections, the Dpipertwins are on a roll and there’s no stopping them now. Β It’s quite fortunate for us to get an interview with them, being that they’re busy with upcoming projects, but regardless, the twins still took some time for us so be sure to check it out and learn more about these stylish young ladies: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with Danielle & Chantelle: “The Dpipertwins””