[Music Review] Yuri Koller “Open Doors”

Yuri Koller is a Toronto based vocalist, songwriter, and producer. His latest effort, Open Doors, came to us via a short sweet email from the man himself. It is a mashup of hiphop, RnB, and soul. Personally, I struggled to find any soul esque notes in his music, hence it just being a contemporary R&B album. If you miss the 90s era, his music re-ignites that vibe effortlessly.

In terms of production, his crew consisting of Cxaleb,SE7N, Oliver Grey, Korruption, and the Masterminds and Nexus Movement, went hard in the paint for him. Both Kai and I were impressed with their professional efforts. Shourr ourrs to dem! Overall, it is a very well produced and cohesive sophomore project. Apparently, this cutie has been on his grind for a minute…Nyhoo, journey with me as I review, and let’s see whether he gets a (-) to the nth power, or an (A*) rating. 

[Free download] here

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[Review] Tyrese’s “Open Invitation!”

Open Invitation

When Tyrese is not dolling out advice that has me at WTF to women, he is such a chocolate wonder! I first  became acquainted with his fine self after watching his video I like them girls. His well defined torso had me wanting to be his sweet lady. The only problem with this ‘fantasy‘ was my lack of full allegiance. Blame it on Usher. Tyrese  kept asking me ‘ how you gonna act like that , to which I was without an answer. Therefore,  I decided the best thing to do was to disengage from anything Tyrese related. Now, almost 10 years later, his chocolate fooiiiiness is calling me back to do a review of his latest, album Open Invitation. It’s his first independently released, 5th studio album.  Join me in dipping and bumping some chocolate wonder music! Yummmm….

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[Review] Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV”

Tha Carter IV

Lil Wayne has always been the transitional rapper; his lyrical style evolved from paper to spur-of-the-moment magic that still has me bedazzled to this day, because it shows how good his freestyling skills are. Let’s put aside the fact that clarity in his rhymes varies, because when he does make sense, Lil Wayne knows how to cook up a hit record. In all honesty, “Tha Carter IV” is the best release since “Tha Carter III”, merely because it has a lot of good songs on the album; that’s right! I said it. I wish to forget that the rapper ever released “Rebirth”, because in my opinion that was one of the worse albums of his entire career, despite its moderate success and my love for “Drop the World”. I like being pulled in by whatever it is I’m listening to and that previous release didn’t quite do it for me. Thankfully, “I Am Not A Human Being” woke me up, and “Tha Carter IV” kept me interested. Continue reading “[Review] Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV””

Abel Tesfaye gives you “The Weeknd” you’ll never forget

Abel Tesfaye, better known by his stage name The Weeknd, is a Canadian r&b singer. His song “High For This” can be heard in the promo for the final season of the HBO series “Entourage“. The Weeknd released the mixtape “House of Balloons” in March 2011, and will be releasing two follow-ups later this year. His songs, if words were to be used to describe them, are dramatic, passionate, raw, and unique. Not to mention he’s a wonderful vocalist. I’ve never heard an artist like this before so that makes him very incomparable. The Weeknd’s identity Continue reading “Abel Tesfaye gives you “The Weeknd” you’ll never forget”

JoJo cover’s “Can’t Do Better”



Drake‘s latest single “Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better)” has gained lots of interest for its relatable lyrics and laid back beat, but hearing Jojo cover the track completely blew everyone away. The pop/r&b songbird took the single and made it her own, reaching over 3 million views on YouTube. Her sultry smooth vocals are so harmonized and sensual, you can feel her emotions in every note. I was definitely interested in hearing a female perspective of “Marvin’s Room“, a naughty track about drunk dialing your ex-love, and Jojo truly killed it. Check it out below:

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VERBAL & Drake in “Some Other Place”


VERBAL, a Japanese rapper and member of hip hop group M-flo, has teamed up with Young Money star Drake on his latest single “Some Other Place“. The song is from VERBAL’s first solo album “VISIONAIR“, which will be released on March 16th, but can be pre-ordered now on amazon. The collaborative track “Black Out” with Namie Amuro & Lil Wayne (Young Money founder) is also included on the album, because it’s actually VERBAL’s song and they’re the guest artists riding on it. “Black Out” is also included on Namie’s album “Checkmate“, which we also posted about recently. “Some Other Place” sounds hot in the teaser but as you may have discovered from my previous rants on the topic, I hate auto-tune. That’s the downfall to this song, other than that it’s hot. Listen to the snippet and tell me what do you think? Continue reading “VERBAL & Drake in “Some Other Place””

Nicki Minaj wants this “Moment 4 Life”

For her latest work of art, Nicki Minaj gets romantic with fellow Young Money rapper Drake, in her new music video for the single “Moment 4 Life“. Ms. Barbie went with a fairytale theme for the video, with Drake being her love interest; it’s very Continue reading “Nicki Minaj wants this “Moment 4 Life””

Auto-Tune 2: Will The Real Singers Please Stand Up

Gone are the days when singers were freely and passionately singing without the help of “pitch correction”, yes, I am referring to the infamous auto-tune. This is a continuation of my previous post, “what do you think about auto-tune?” Why the continuation you wonder? it’s because i’m truly annoyed with this audio processor that is plaguing the music industry.

Too many artists are utilizing auto-tune into their music: Ke$ha, T-Pain, The Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Kanye West, Jason Derulo, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and quite a few others. I found it rather ironic that Jay-Z released a single titled “DOA (Death of Auto-tune)”, but still used the device on another track, and on the same album (ain’t that funny).

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Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?” ft. Drake

Ok I know i’m late, but regardless, I still wanted to post Rihanna‘s new music video “What’s My Name?” featuring Drake. The video was released online Friday but is already over 2 million views (big surprise..not). I have nothing further to say except watch it for yourselves if you hadn’t already:  Continue reading “Rihanna’s “What’s My Name?” ft. Drake”

Music Is Universal

It’s amazing how music can break down walls and cross borders with the message it conveys, arousing different emotions inside each of us. Its this mere fact that allows musicians to develop a fan base and perform in different countries.

I’ve often asked myself, why is music so powerful? why am I able to be moved even by words I don’t understand? It all comes down to the fact that music is truly universal. Continue reading “Music Is Universal”