Following your dream

I’m in the process of finally realizing a longtime dream, of which I won’t go into detail until it comes to fruition. I’m African, and I believe in juju, very superstitious if you will. I don’t know whether my reader base is aware, but Benin is the cradle of vodoo in Africa, as Haiti is for the Caribbean. Why am I telling you this? Sharing is caring, and the more knowledge you acquire in this journey called life, the better off you will be.  Ehe….(said in a thick African accent of your country’s choice). Continue reading “Following your dream”

Pursuing a non paying dream

The most annoying thing about being a serial entrepreneur is holding onto non-paying dreams, with hopes of them materializing one day. Dreaming is great. Trust me, when I say this. I have scaled Mt.Everest as a result, I’ve been to Iceland and to the Himalayas on a journey reminiscent of pray, eat, love.  I’ve basically done it all, even spent a night  with Idris Elba-a crush of minez. All paid for courtesy of , dreaming.  Dreaming is one of the most cost-effective careers anybody not in their right mind can ever embark on. There are absolutely no bills to pay. All you need is to have a very creative persona and an overactive brain. Cue-ms. thang, typing this post.

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